Sunday, September 14, 2008

camera's and grandkids

Call me crazy, but I have given my grand kids my little digital. Yeah, I know, I know, I've taken a risk. Zane, who's five has turned out to have quite the eye. I started a blog with his photos. And, while in Spain Simon (he's eight) took my camera and took some awesome pictures. I'll have to blog them.

I've even given Ivana (she's three) my camera and watched her have fun with it. That is, until last night). We went to ASU's and loved watching our one of our daughters, Sowyma (from India) perform in some traditional Indian dances. Ivana wanted to "take some pictures." So, I handed her my camera and all of a sudden . . . well . . . you guessed it. Crack. On the cement floor.

Yup, call me crazy and call me bummed. It's gone. Nada. Kaput.

So, using my (non manipulative) feminine mystic (it's the good kind I teach young women about) I put on my red shoes this morning and said, "Honey, wanna buy me a new camera for my birthday." {Big grin} I'm centered and on purpose and I am the wind behind his vision, so I can have fun doing this. Any camera ideas?

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Alexis said...

Hi Lylah,
the "good kind" made me chuckle. one of our kids recently bought a Nikon Coolpix for under $200. It's uncomplicated and taking great pics. I love it that you've let your grandkids use your camera. I enjoyed seeing some of the pics. IF your new one gets dropped, um, hmmm... there are worse things, aren't there?

Beth Ann said...


Things going great over here. It's amazing to think if I let power is so much easier! Anyways- thanks!
Ive tagged you! Come checkout my site and see! You are truly inspirational!

Beth Ann

megg riggs said...

so...i don't know what kind of commitment you want to make to a new digital... but i'm just going to throw it out there: my nikon makes me deliriously happy! the D80 is more than most will ever need, and the D40 is very comparable as well. the D40 was my first dslr, and i give it huge kudos for ease of use and effortless, beautiful photographs.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Good morning dear! I love your grandson's blog...I'll have to come back later with my 8 year old. He uses an old unused camera phone to take photos! I think kids love using cameras, you are a good grandma!

My camera is a hand me down, but it does alright. Not inside where it is darker though. I have to find good light. It is a Kodak 5.0 mega pixel Easy Share Dx7590. I would love a new one, but not going to happen for awhile. Fortunately it can take respectable photos, good enough for blogging.


*3~BLonDeS~mOm said...

All my photos come from my 3 year old fuji finepix..Z the first one out. The newer ones are even better! Easy, fun...terrific. And..mostly kid proof, as my blog from the eyes of three, shows! So far so good! I think I have seen them at sams club for under 150.oo. Happy photoing!!