Friday, August 01, 2008

about me

The LylahBlog is my way to communicate what I think today's woman really needs to hear and in her heart of hearts wants to hear. Sometimes, I think women are saying, "THIS isn't working and will someone show me what can?"

I'm a (pastor's) wife, mother (two beautiful daughters), nana to 6, teacher, home keeper, lover of life, runner in the kingdom and bridge builder. I've authored and self-published seven books and I'm always creating charts and visuals to use in communicating truths.

I occasionally leave my home front and husband to speak at retreats and workshops - where I love to teach women how to be better wives, mothers, create sanctuary and see their homes as their primary place of ministry.

I love doing what I do and do what I love. You'd say I'm an on purpose woman who lives with the end in mind and is determined to leave a legacy that matters. I love to swim, work in the garden with my husband, walk, take a bike ride and drink green tea and coffee. I love to cook and the favorite sanctuary space in my home is my kitchen/family room.

My life is full with my Michael being my priority, then my family - daughters and grandkiddos, then my community of faith and the women I personally mentor over coffee. In light of that, when I am asked questions, I do my best to respond - however it often takes time to answer back. I do prefer to chat rather than sending back an email and have been known to say, "send me your phone number, I want to hear your voice."

Oh, since this blog is about women and for women and I'm purposed in connection to women, I won't engage in dialogue with men and I' ll refer requests - to my husband.

My thought is - that I respect the marriage and that relationship too much to engage in dialogue. I want to avoid all possible snares and preserve the honor that I have with my husband. Michael can be contacted at

If you have question, my email is

I manage two other women's web sites and unfortunately they can only be viewed in IE. and

Should you want to know more - go here.

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