Monday, March 24, 2008

Garden Dirt to Grass to Easter Egg Hunt

My Garden Guy's vision for green is sweet (especially here in the Phoenix Valley). As much as he (we) wanted our Bermuda grass to die, it seemed as if a nice "patch of green" was needed in this particular area of our garden.

Garden Guy and son-in-law Gerald got up at 5 a.m. and beat the rush at Home Depot this last Friday. Supposedly, delivery for sod is on Friday mornings and "everyone" rushes to get the sod.

So, being frugal or maybe it's being more competitive Garden Guy wanted to be first to "get the deal."

They were (first). No one else even showed up - or at least at 5:30 a.m. It's a lot of love to get up at an hour that many wonder if God's even up that early - to load sod with Garden Guy.

Thanks G! And, thanks for marrying our daughter.

I love our family. They're truly the best. Gerald's parents are included in my truly the best category.

Gerry and Luellen (of Salem, Washington) came to spend time with the grandkiddos and mixed in with trips to the park, p b & j's, reading books, talking about WWII and just hanging out, they so kindly added their hands to the tasks at hand.

We definitely felt some crunch time - as our goal was to create beauty for our Easter Brunch - which was only two days away.

Sod needed laid, pool retaining wall fence needed painting, patios hosed, BBQ cleaned, menus solidified, shopping lists created and food prepared - to serve about twenty four for Easter Brunch.

Friday. Progressing. Slowly yet steady. Clearing off two inches of garbage, weedy dirt.

Watering the first patch of freshly laid sod. Note the "junky weed stuff" next to the glove and rake. THAT'S what had to be dug out. This was taking place late Friday. Crunch time for Easter Brunch at our place. Ahhhh....

To the rescue - our other wonderful son-in-law, Mark. Mark helped here too. Gerald, Garden Guy and Mark. Aren't they a great bunch?

Surveying the land. Well, sorta.

There's just something manly about a real man in a white tee shirt soaked in sweat and dirt. Don't ya think?

Wow - accomplished. The sod down and everything else complete for the most awesome Easter Brunch with twenty-four people. And - the Egg Hunt - a success in a beautiful garden for the grandkiddos and us!

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Anonymous said...

oh, it looks really pretty! well done!!