Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crossing Cultures - Lunch and The Temple

Ambika and yours truly.

Recently Michael and I along with Candace and a three of our grandkiddos spent the afternoon with our beautiful "sons and daughters" from India. Sowmya, Bindu, Ambika, Vidya (and our sons Vinay and Sri) invited us to a wonderful lunch (amazing Indian food) at their apartment and then a trip to their Temple to experience their expression of worship.

Vidya showing the boys some super cool stuff on the computer -
bugs and birds and life things created. See Vidya's super cool blog.

Her photograpy is incredible.

These young people are some of God's best. The more we spend time with them, the more we love them. Our relationship won't end when they finish their education and return to India or wherever their jobs and life take them. It will continue - because we carry them in our hearts.

Together, we're bridge builders - learning, loving and living. Bridge builders enter in to understand each other's worlds. This Sunday some of our "kids" will come into our world and experience more of what our life is like - with our family.

Ivana (with a Bindi) and Vinay.

Vinay explaining to Michael.

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Vidya said...

We all feel so privileged to have gained an entry in your blog posting... Thank you, Lylah! :-)

Lylah said...

it's my joy and i look forward to our big feast this sunday :-)

blessings! lylah