Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the centered woman - part 5

Today is my last post on The Centered Woman. If you've missed this little series you can go here to catch up.

Women are wonderfully created and it’s been said that women are the crown of God’s creation. I think we are. We have this amazing capacity to bring forth life, tenderly nurture others, create beauty in the space we touch, express a gamut of emotion, and influence the world around us. Indeed we are His master piece.

But, a woman who engages in life’s opportunities without much thought, purpose or a framework, can have this tendency to feel overwhelmed, be misdirected and end up burned out from unnecessary commitments to people and projects. That woman is NOT the centered woman.

The centered woman understands that life goes by quickly and she also understands how important it is to live with an on-purpose mindset, knowing why she does what she does, so that in the end of her life—she won’t stand before Jesus with regret.

The centered woman has a real sense of confidence because she knows that she’s fulfilling her unique life-design purpose which involves God’s kingdom purposes for herself and other. She knows that it’s God's purposes that she’s fulfilling.

The woman who is centered doesn’t struggle with needless fear, anxiety or insecurity as a people pleaser.

What’s the Key to a Centered Woman?
The key to the centered woman is the center she lives out of. It’s one of humble submission to follow Jesus and to do the hard life things that He asks. Entering the Kingdom is easy, it’s hard to live in the Kingdom. Life in the Kingdom is all about dying (to oneself) and the centered woman recognizes that and seeks to live with that Kingdom mindset.

The center she lives out of is one of submission, obedience and respect for authority. Her center is Jesus and she lives to please Him. She yadas Him.

The centered woman is one who has accountability and when lovingly care-fronted with sin has a teachable, humble and repentant heart.

The centered woman understands God’s heart for marriage – if she’s married, she understands the Biblical role of a woman in submission and respect and following and she appreciates the Biblical leadership role of a man to protect and guide his family.

The centered woman seeks to do her husband good. She honors him with her words and heart attitude. She understands that marriage is much about her getting character over convenience. She knows that she’s THERE for her husband and that she’s to follow him – even though he might not be totally sure where he’s going. . . but, she trust in God that He’s big enough in her husband to speak to him and give him clear vision that she makes this her constant prayer – praying for her mighty man in the making.

The centered woman’s life will be evident of her centering. Those around her will hear it – she’ll have a confession on her lips with something like: “I am committed to pursue God and to do my part regardless of what anyone else is doing.

Those around her will see it. It will be lived out and one will constantly see her coming back to her center – because she values it.

Are you a centered woman or are you spinning, blaming and not yet anchored – an UN-CENTERED woman?

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Mrs. Sidney said...

I am in pursuit of becoming the centered woman and I loved this series. I will visit them often for encouragement and guidance.

~Robin said...

This article is so good. I think of it as being an anchored woman, anchored on The Rock...same principle, and what a difference it makes to have this mindset going through life-it changes you!!
good stuff lylah-thanks for sharing it with us.

Lylah said...

robin and mrs. s - thanks so much for the acolades...appreciate it!

Donna said...

I am so very glad I found your blog! Each day I catch up on your old posts, I find something new that God has been speaking into my life...and your words affirm that!