Saturday, September 13, 2008

sarah's red shoes

I'm on a shoe watch. And, Sarah's got some sexy shoes going on! You've got to admit it - no matter what side of the fence you're on - that there's a lot of blog chatter about Sarah, her hair, her eyewear, the lipstick and now her very sexy red shoes. You Go Sarah! Love those shoes.

I'm a shoe girl and this past July I did some picture takin' of my "traveling shoes" in Spain and France. One of my very favorite red heels were in the suitcase that Iberria Airlines conveniently lost. Bummer.

OK, back to the shoes. Sarah was first seen in these Naughty Little Monkeys.

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Mrs. Sidney said...

I need to go get some new shoes!!

Alli {Mrs. Fussypants} said...

Swoon. I love those shoes.

Love tht you used the word naughty!



Lylah said...

and, girls would you believe i found a pair of those patent leather red ones? ended up at nordstrom rack - ONE PAIR IN THE WHOLE place and IN MY SIZE!!! and get this...only $22. no kidding.

brought those naughty babies home and hubs just . . . {grinned}.

hey, Who's for this woman anyway?

that frugal buy will go a long way.

Lisa Knight said...

Love the shoes, I need new shoes. Although most of my work attire has come back into fashion after a 9 year break LOL!

Go Palin!

angela said...

She's rockin the red shoes! Love it!! I need me some!!! :-)


Alexis said...

I admire the shoes on others' feet-- just can't wear them :>( I'm loving what i've seen and read about Sarah and her adorable children. i feel conflicted about her being in office (not from the political side, I am for her politically)for her and her family's sake.