Friday, July 11, 2008

luggage and attitudes and God

Today was a tad difficult for me. It's silly, I know, but I was feeling shlumpy this afternoon as I tried to begin to write a letter to Iberia Airlines to explain the claim I'm making against them for my luggage (it's just one of those things you do). In order for me to be reimbursed for the daily ration of Euros, I need to write to them and send in my receipts.

The reason I was feeling shlumpy was because I had a bad attitude. Yup. I did. I kinda figured that I'd have levels of letting go of the lost luggage thing and sure enough I have - today.

I have to gather all the receipts, find the place to make copies (and I don't speak Spanish), make a copy of my passport, boarding passes and luggage claim checks and then write this nice letter letting them know that according to the 1999 Montreal Convention, I have certain rights. Yeah, right!

After a while it all seems useless. Everything I've researched and read seems hopeless, and for me to "waste" the time jumping through the hoops seemed equally useless - except that I want to be frugal - I do have a frugal heart - and recoup the expenditures I've had to make with things like - clothes and shoes and personal stuff.

Anyway, like I said, I had an "attitude." I normally don't get "attitudes" because the cup is over half way full and running over in my life. But, today I did. I got one and it was getting me - even to the point that I found myself self nurturing too much with the cherry filled Basque tart I'd bought over in France yesterday. Darn.

So, I decided to humble myself. The Bible says to "confess your faults to one another so that you can be healed."

Nana: Miriam, would you pray for Nana, she has a bad attitude?"
Miriam: Nana, you don't have a bad attitude.
Nana: Yes, Miriam, Nana has a bad attitude in her heart.

Not sure what transpired after those few honest exchanges, but I finished the letter and Miriam and I went outside to the park. Fresh air does an attitude good.

In a few moments, friends that Michael and I'd met in January walked by - the nicest older couple in this part of the world. I mentioned to them that my luggage still hasn't shown up - since June 26th.

Well, this is a man who EVERYONE knows and respects in the world. Literally. No kidding. To preserve the anonymity of this man, I won't say anymore about him except that he's been and has done business in the presence of Kings. For reals. No Joke.

He gave me his business card and told me to email him my information. I coulda cried. He said, "I'll call my agent." I'm not sure what an agent is, but just the fact that he's becoming an advocate - no matter what turns out - I am touched. Deeply.

I think that had I not humbled myself - even to a three year old - and admitted my bad attitude and gotten an attitude adjustment, I wouldn't have headed to the park - in that moment and I wouldn't have connected with this couple and . . . who knows . . .

Either way. I'm thankful and at rest.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

Don't give up hope, I had a claim against Jazz airlines back in February, and I finally got it settled in May, never give up hope.

Thinking of you,

Gill from Canada