Thursday, July 10, 2008

traveling tales - a stroll through biarritz, france

The road from Donostia (the Basque name) - or San Sebastian (the Spanish name) is one of my favorites. The first little city you come to is St. Jean-de-Luz. I LOVE this quaint little place.

There's such a different "feel" from the Spanish side and the French side. I can't quite put my finger on it -but it's just different. The French side of life is much more quiet. When you walk through the shopping area of St. Jean-de-Luz you almost feel like you should whisper.
Took this from the car - while buzzing along. Not bad photo, eh?

One of the first sites you see entering Biarritz, France. Another "from the car"shot.

Like I said, there's just something so different about the feel on this side of the Spanish, French border. It's a "lighter" feel. Jenni and the girls heading to the eating/shopping/beach area.

Don't ya love the narrow, quaint roads? I use that word alot, don't I? I just don't know what else to call them. Give me one, OK?
The main shopping and eating area in Biarritz. We're headed to the Miremont Bakery and Restaurant. Jenni's been craving this goat cheese tart with radatouille. Just her talking about it made me salivate.

Yes! The Biarritz coast line. Some of the best surfing in the world, I hear.

I took this amazing picture of our goat cheese tart and salad. The "display" was beyond lovely. And, I'm not sure where the pic went. Oh, well.

Jillian took this picture from the Miremont Restaurant window.

When you first walk into the Miremont - THIS is what stares you in the face. The French bakeries always display these sugary treats that you wonder IF they should be eaten because they are so beautiful to just look at.

On to get a look at the beach. I'm quite nervous about showing pictures of the beaches in Spain and France. They're topless. Yup, they are and the last time I posted a pic from Onderretta I blew up the pic and whoops - took it off as fast as I put it up. It was - let's say - inappropriate. Phew!

One cutie - patoo-nee.

We just had to - I say we HAD to have some coffee - after our goat cheese tart. This place was actually called - Paris Cafe.

Jenni took this pic. Super cool, don't you think?

After coffee, we walked down to the beach and I rented two chairs with the umbrella up on the side walk - for 1.10 euros. Not a bad deal. I took a little walk to the water with the girls while Jenni sat back.

All of a sudden the life guard started blowing this fog horn type of thing. Then he began to motion for people to come back from the water. I thought - oh, I guess it's time for the surfers - it seemed like surfers were lining up. How sweet. They take turns.

As I kept watching, I soon determined that that wasn't it. Then I though - it must be sharks. Someone's seen a shark. The next good thought was "follow the crowd - move with the crowd cause you don't know a lick of French."

The girls and I went back up to where Jenni was sitting and then saw the helicopter. Turns out someone had "drowned" or "nearly drowned" and the copter was being flown in to airvac them out.
We - or shall I say Jenni - chatted with the woman to our right - she spoke French and Spanish and told Jenni that just the day before five people had nearly drowned and had to be airvaced to the hospital. Wow. Intense.

Time for chocholate. This place or. . .

. . . this place. Well - how about both places! YES! Both.

OK, if these don't look to pretty to eat then - well - they just are. We did buy one of those chocolate eclairs at the top side of this pic.

The Best - I'm talking - THE BEST caramel in the whole darn world!

Glaze - Ice Cream....

Too sugared and sunned out.

Workin' off the sweets. NOT!

The End.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I bet that was amazing! I never been anywhere outside the US accept Cananda!

Beth Ann said...

How special to visit your daughter and get to see some countryside! Just breathtaking!