Friday, July 11, 2008

a mom's advice on becoming frugal

With the days of uncertainty ahead and the world economy held in a shaky balance, I believe that today's home keeper MUST become a frugal one - a creative, purposeful and biblical one.

That word "frugal" means: thrifty, prudent, economical, sparing, careful, penny-wise, penny pinching, tight, meager.

So, how does a modern woman become creatively, purposefully and biblically frugal?

Follow along with my line of reasoning:
God says home keeping is part of the woman's role. Review the P31 Woman.
The heart of the home is the woman. She sets the tone and the atmosphere.

Being frugal (wise) or being not frugal (foolish) is a way to build the home or tear it down. Frugality, then, is a condition of the heart.

Frugality - is revealed in just about all areas of a woman's life - her time (how she spends it), her money (how she spends it), her emotions (how she spends them).

What you give your time to reveals the issues of your heart.
TV, computer, reading, idle-ness, pampering yourself - OVER board?

What you spend money on reveals the issues of your heart.
Do you have unused left overs in your refrigerator? Do you keep buying "stuff" because you can't find the "stuff" you're looking for - because the "stuff" is in the back of some closet that is over crowded with unnecessary "stuff."

What you spend your emotions on reveals the issues of your heart.
Anger, unnecessary causes, jealousy, bitterness over the past, being stuck in shame, unrealistic expectations toward husband, playing the martyr role - you name it....

The condition of a woman's home reveals the issues in her heart. Sometimes when a woman starts in the exterior aspects of the home - those internal heart issues can self-correct. Sometimes though, an older woman is needed to come along side and walk with that "stuck" woman - to disciple her through those "growth" areas.

My Advice?
Since, the kitchen is the hub of your home - start in the hub.

First: Go clean your sink. Wash all your dishes and put them all away. Wash your counters, scrub your stove and the outside of your refrigerator.

Next: Clean out your refrigerator - get rid of anything expired. Then take out the garbage.

Then: Make a list of all the canned goods in your cupboards, and the food in your freezer and refrigerator.

Then: Go to and find a recipe and start making something for dinner.

Then: Set your table - make it pretty with whatever you have. Use little kitchen towels as place mats if you don't have any...but bring out the best you have...and find some fresh floral greenery of anything outside and set it in a glass and make it your centerpiece. The table has power!

Then: Smile, thank God and ask Him to help you become a Frugal Hearted Woman who pleases Him.

Then: Go here and start reading my series.

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Persuaded said...

what a sweet-hearted post this is! i just love love love how you have tied frugality in with some *seemingly* unrelated issues... thanks so much for posting this:)

Sonshine said...

What a lovely, thought provoking, and encouraging post! Thanks for sharing!

Kathryn said...

This is a wonderful post. I've been reading recently on your blog and have been so blessed by everything I have read. You have created a beautiful blog, with practical, well-written articles. I appreciate that there is no spirit of legalism or fingerpointing as I have seen on so many womens websites.

Have you thought of compiling your articles into a book for women? I'm sure it would be a well-worn reference guide for many ladies.

You are truly a Titus 2 woman--thanks for the sweet advice for us younger busy moms.
Thanks again! Hope you have a lovely day!

Laura said...

Beautifully written post...and I'm going to scrub my kitchen sink right now! :)

Lylah said...

well....girls....i'm so happy i could encourage someone today to be a woman with a frugal heart...and laura...can't wait to see you sink! yahooo!

blessings to each of you...

Audra Krell said...

You have encouraged me greatly today! Thank you. You lined out exactly what needs to be done today, before my husband gets home from his business trip. I can't fail with your step by step guide!

Lylah said...

Hi there've encouraged me today! Blessings on you as you're ministering to your husband!

Beth Ann said...

Oh Lylah...
You make it all sound so easy! Your words are delicious and I had to smile because my sink is already scrubbed. I was actually frugal tonight- making a sausage and shrimp dinner with all my leftover vegetables sautéed, and rice. We could have easily gone out-again.
My goal is to eat at home more, and your ideas about bringing out the pretty stuff- I LOVE TO DO THAT! LOL
Maybe I am learning something here! Thank you! You truly are an inspiration!
Let us know about the luggage!

Lylah said...

Hey Beth Ann - I can only imagine how bright your smile must be in your shiny sink! You Go Girl! Your dinner combo sounds fantastic.

Not eating at home is a killer for any home front budget - but sometimes, it's just real nice to have that special treat.

Here's a little update on the luggage:


Mom2fur said...

I love the line about buying more stuff because you can't find the stuff you already have! Years ago, I decided to straighten up my spice cabinet and found I had 3 jars of cinnamon. I'm much better now. Organization and de-cluttering helps a lot!
I found a site recently you might like: It is free to join, and it helps you keep track of where things are. You know what I put something away for the season, then when the next year rolls around you have NO idea where it is. With packandfind, you type in "Hibachi" and it will tell you exactly where it is. (Obviously, you type in this information in the first place.)
A second site you might enjoy is It's also free. You tell it what ingredients you have in your kitchen, and a list of recipes you can make "right now" appears on the screen. The more 'goodies' you plug in, the more recipes you get! Great way to use up leftovers or that last little bit of mustard.

Lylah said...

what great tips! thanks - i was not aware of either of those places. quite the saavy on purpose home keeper, i say.

you go girl! blessings.