Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Steps to Becoming a Purposeful Home Keeper - Day 10

Baby Steps to Becoming Purposeful as a Home Keeper - Day 10. Here's some good stuff from Day 9, Day 8, Day 7 and Day 3

There’s so much buzz around blogging world about routine and schedules and what to do when. It’s all good, but unless a woman understands and appreciates some of the reasons and benefits behind establishing some good home front routines, it has the potential to end up being just another chore.

What I want is for women to think about building a home, creating sanctuary in the home and then managing the Simple Home.

Becoming a purposeful home keeper is what we’re after and using the 8 P31 Principles are key steps to begin to build, to create and to learn to (daily) manage.

The P31 Woman knew she was a woman of honor and it’s women who know who they are, whose they are, where they’re going and understand the heart (the motive) behind building, creating and managing the Simple Home.

Look again and evaluate where you’re at with these P31 Principles for building, creating and managing:

1. She attends to the affairs of her home.
2. She must be wise about how she uses the gift of time.
3. She takes care of herself so that she can take care of her husband and family and helpers.
4. She is a woman of integrity – her husband trusts in her. His heart trusts in her. A woman who doesn’t understand the position of authority her husband has won't show respect to her him and a man not respected won't trust his wife. He’ll tend to always be on guard.
5. She thinks through the day and she sees that she’s gained from her work and that it’s good.
6. She’s other-centered.
7. She’s not afraid of the future.
8. She’s industrious.

Take some time with the Lord and ask him to show you your heart attitude towards these. I'm in Basque Country - overcoming jet lag, enjoying our daugher Jenni and two grandkiddos: Jillian and Miriam. I'm also lacking my only suitcase....for some reason it's lost, mia, nada. I'm sure there will be some blogging lessons on this one too.

Thanks for all the comments - posted and emailed. I love them!

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Sarah said...

Dear Lylah,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this fantastic series! I have enjoyed reading your blog every so often (normally I link over from Passionate Homemaking) and appreciate your insight into loving, happy marriages and spiritual womanhood that you express (and practice) so eloquently; you are an inspiration and teacher to us newer wives and mothers! I especially have enjoyed reading (in previous posts) some of the prayers that you've written, including those prayers prayed for one's ("Mighty Man!") husband.

Thank you again and I look forward to reading more on being an On-Purpose Woman!