Saturday, April 05, 2008

The World of Men – Understanding the Man You’re Married To

The world of men is an interesting one, and of course, I'm sure men would say the same about a woman's world.

So, how is it that two very interesting worlds can become one and keep romance alive?

Here's my simple my simple (yet, of course, not so simple) ABC's of Understanding the Man You’re Married that I've learned and practice.

Hint: Stop trying to make your husband like you. It won't work. But what will work and make your marriage sweeter is to get understanding about the man you're married to.

Assess - Assess where he’s at – get understanding – consider his maturity level–look at the behavior and work through it with God first

Accept who he is – he’s an adult man who responds to life’s issues - sometimes with an adolescent mindset. A hint: a woman must must receive HER OWN acceptance from God first in order to give it to our husband.

Believe the best - believe that he won't always be stuck in those areas that really bug you.

Come Along Side AND practice: cccccc - Constantly care – constantly, creatively communicate: learn his language – listen to his tone, listen to the words he uses and use them.

Hint: Most men don’t like lots of words – they need the bottom line – but they need to hear it with respect.

Deposit into his love cup – what do you deposit? Adoration (respect), affectionate toward, affirming = approval. Men want their women to show them approval.

Embrace – Embrace him in spite of all this inconsistencies…you embrace HIM not HIS behavior… SEE who he really is - don't lock him into his behavior - see the core of who he is - not the crude.

I think this is going to help someone today!

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singlemomforgod said...

totally loving this post. I gave my FDH the Christmas Wish List that your hubby wrote and he was so into it, he said he felt that it was so in line with his spirit....

Anonymous said...

Lylah, I love your reminder about the importance of a woman gaining her acceptance from God FIRST. It's VITAL to marriage! This is something I'm praying my daughters will truly, truly understand before they marry.

Chrissy said...

What a great post! Very cute and true! Thank you for the insights. It's helpful to have tips, but also always nice to have a reminder that women are all dealing with the same issues.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Love this, Lylah, and oh so true!