Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Crisis in Masculinity - My Husband Says

Re-posted post from November 2007

I’ve heard it said that our national crisis is a consequence of the crisis in the home, and the crisis in the home is a crisis of male leadership. Men are appointed by God to be the authority and to lead their families. My husband says that when a man becomes passive toward leading his family in God’s standards all hell breaks loose.

I love learning from the wisdom of my husband. God has placed him over me to protect me and to teach me (and boy do I need it). In talking to my husband about the authority role given to the man by God, he says that men (generally) have no idea what it is to lead and he believes men (generally) are beaten down, battered, culturalized and paralyzed and that they have not moved into their God-given role as spiritual leaders in their homes, their churches and their communities.

He also says that, 'yes', there are men that have moved into that role, but more men than not, have neither understood nor clothed themselves with being the authority that God has called them to be. They just don’t understand what it means. He says it’s like the spiritual leadership suit is hanging in the closet never having been worn.

My husband says that every man has an eternal task for an eternal reward to do and that a man normally doesn't understand what his purpose is. He says that so many men don’t know what they are here for. They don’t know that this is a battleground, a time of testing, a place to invest in and a race.

God calls the man to be the authority in the home. I asked my husband what does ‘being the authority mean’? He says that it means that the man is the visionary of the home. He says that it means he is the one to pray for God’s vision for his family.

Planning means he must strategize in measurable ways to implement that vision. Then, the man must pursue the vision. Pursuing the vision for the family means he must work and sweat – persevere, provide and protect. He plans with the Lord. And, then walking in that authority, the man will come to the place of praising God for the opportunity to partner with Him as he rejoices in the victory.

He plans - she prays . . . they partner. For more on your man's vision go here.

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Betsy Cradic said...

What a beautiful picture of your husband and granddaughter! Priceless...

Lylah said...

Hi dear friend....thanks! he loves these babies....this one in the pic and this one: http://griffinfamilia.blogspot.com/2007/12/signs-of-settling.html

are 6 weeks apart...and boy do we miss them.


Shelly said...

Wow!! I think that every man needs to read that.....AWESOME!!!