Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Garden Guy's Guy Helpers

Check out the muscles on this kid. Eight years old and such a hard worker. He even sweats too. Note Garden Guy's cool looking pathway that's still taking shape. I've just started adding some "filler" to the left of the pathway. I thought I'd add the little yellow dump truck for some extra color.
Phew! Garden Guy's quite the guy. My husband is such a hard worker. I've put Swiss chard in all the wine barrels. Because the desert sun will soon be too hot, Garden Guy's going to add some sun shade. He's so amazing. I just sit around, fetch his tools, wipe his brow, serve him lemonade, kiss his sweaty lips and tell him I love him.

This gardening project is teaching me so much about my husband and men in general. First, it's therapeutic for a man to work hard. Back in the day, men worked with their hands and they worked hard. God even said that it's good for a man to earn his keep by the sweat of his brow. My husband keeps commenting how good this is for him. He's so proud of his work. He'll step back and look at his work and as he does it seems to give him impetus for more creative ideas within the garden.

I'm learning that my role is really to be by his side. Just my presence is a gift to him. Men really like it when their wives just watch them work. It's huge. It's what's talked about in the book Love and Respect. It's what the author calls shoulder to shoulder time.

I'm so thankful for The Home Grown Revolution and for Patti - The Garden Girl whose Urban Sustainable Living video's inspired Michael in making our garden boxes.

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Mrs. Sidney said...


I am not even sure how I got to this post yet it really spoke to my heart today. Last night my husband wanted me to stop everything I was doing just to go outside with him while he got his tools together for work. I really didn't want to and I didn't understand why he wanted me out there... I really need to finish reading this book because it really was interestingto see how much better our evening was with some shoulder to shoulder time.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to be a better wife.

Love, Ronel

Lylah said...

Oh Ronel...I'm so punked that you're getting IT and that this post is helping. Yup...they love that shoulder to shoulder time...and often it seems as if they like their woman's presence when it's the most inconvenient time for the woman. Go figure!

Proud of you! lylah

*3~BLonDeS~mOm said...

Yup yup. Now If i can just do it without rolling my eyes...(they have a mind of their own...I know they do) does it help if i smile whilst my eyes are rolling?
Good thing my hubs understands rebellion..or I would be in trouble, smiling, rolling eyes and all. Yet, I go along...*grin*

Lylah said...

Oh....3 blondes're a hoot! I love you!