Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Garden is Taking Shape

Garden Guy (aka my husband, my pastor, musician man, dad or poppie) worked on figuring out how to add a drip system to all our garden boxes. What joy! He did it. We have water to all the plants. This is Box 1 loaded with lettuce, a tomato plant in the middle, and a little bit of color with some purple petunias.

Gerald modeled for Simon that it's good for men to work hard and sweat as they took load after load to fill a 4x4 and a 10x4. Check out this dump load of 4 tons of great soil.

Garden Guy's adding the irrigation system to Box 3 as son-in-law Gerald (and grandson Simon) add the organic soil to Box 3 and then Box 4. It's so awesome to see the garden take shape. I think I need a "name that garden contest" or something.

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