Monday, August 18, 2008

understanding men - part 7

Last Thursday I mentioned three kinds of guys - the passive, the abdicator and the dominator. Today, in this series Understanding Men, I want to tell you about the 'perfect' guy that every gal dreams about...Mr. Right - the gentle, understanding, communicative, romantic lover and friend, who is confident and knows how to be that servant leader that we wives know our husbands have it IN them to BE. Right? Uh...huh...

I have this idea - that no matter WHAT kind of man you're married to - if you gain understanding of WHO he is and you practice your ABC's and you come to understand that God's big in HIM - no matter what anyone else thinks - he has the potential - as a mighty man in the making - to become that mighty man that you long for.

However, instead of us - as wives - wanting HIM to become Mr. Right, we need to be Mrs. Right first. Too many times, I've seen God change the woman - getting her lined up right before I've seen Him work on the innards of the man.

Here's some steps for you to take:
1. Get understanding of what being biblical is all about.
2. Address your personal VOWS and Judgments.
3. Know your ABC's and practice them.
4. Recognize that marriage is MORE about you developing character.
5. Make a decision to make HIM shine.
6. Treat him like a king and make him your priority.
7. Don't lock him in to the past.
8. Learn to show LOTS of GRACE.
9. Respect him - even if he doesn't deserve it.
10. YOU - become a centered woman.

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6HappyHearts said...

Thank for your writing/posts! God speaks through you. I'm going to post the ABC's on my bathroom mirror. I have some work to do & I know my Father is directing me through these posts.
love, blessings & joy to you this week!

Lylah said...'s like going back to school...learning a different kind of ABC's ...u go girl!

thanks for then encouraging words...i'm into saving marriages so wives can get a lot of reward...

Melissa said...

man. i am speechless. i am almost moved to tears. i need to read this again. i got lost with the abc's and the rest of the list. i know i read it quickly, but i thought i followed it. let me read it again.


Melissa said...

AH! There are links. Thanks! I fully get it now. Thanks so much for the post. I am going to print it out and keep it in my journal to reread and share in my Mother's Meeting tomorrow. I love that. I know someone else could benefit from reading your series on Understanding Men.

In Christ's Love,