Saturday, August 16, 2008

lylah-isms on marriage

I'm a die hard for marriage and I'm going to start posting Lylahisms. Hope the message comes across!

You’re love for Jesus is revealed in the way you admire, respect, adore, support and care for your man.

If you’re truly accepting – you won’t get defensive. In order to give acceptance – you’ve got to receive it – you can’t give what you don’t own – the fact that you can’t give it means you haven’t really received acceptance from Jesus.

Love comes through in the hard places and it looks like respect and self-control.

Stop telling him what to do or how to do it. He doesn't need or want another mamma.

Remember your first kissy moment and relieve it often!

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mholgate said...

Hi Lylah! Somehow I met you through Facebook. I'm not sure how you ended up on my friend list, but I'm glad you did! You have a lot of insight, and a lot of the same views on marriage, parenting, and mentoring that I do! I look forward to reading more. Right now I am mentoring a young married girl that's 20. She is also a mom, with a little girl that is theirs together, and a step-son. I am enjoying our time together, as I am a mother of 5, and have been married 14 years now.

Anyway, I am glad to meet you!

Lylah said... super cool...i visited your family and your 5 the pic of "putting their heads together"...blessings...

heather said...

I love you lylah-isms. so very true. and thanks for stopping my blog and for the lovely compliments. it is always fun to meet a new friend!