Monday, August 18, 2008

lylah-isms on marriage

The deepest need a human being has IS to be to be accepted.

If you can make his life YOUR issue –HE can’t make it his.

A man wasn’t wired to feel “it” like you do…so stop trying to make him “feel it.”

What’s a man’s normal reaction if he’s constantly feeling rejected? Anger – which looks like defensiveness, passivity, sarcasm or silence!

A wife is to be a crown…a crown is a sign of royalty and power…. Proverbs2: 4 – your power will come through your faithfulness and your submission and your lips…are they lovely or leaky?

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Mekhismom said...

These are great. Thanks for this reminder.

Beth Ann said...

Well, you should have added my name to the top! LOL

I am realizing how 'leaky' my lips have been and that I'm a crown of thorns, not of gold. I'm working on changing that.
(1 more tally mark from yesterday)
Seeing amazing results!
Hugs to you!

Beth Ann

Mrs. Sidney said...

I feel like I took ten steps back yesterday and now I have to kneel humbly at my father’s feet and repent. I know the rewards out way the struggles and yet I allowed my mouth to be hurtful yesterday.

Nice reminder, Thank you.

Lylah said...

God dwells in truth and when I am humble He comes in like a flood. My spiritual woman once said that the enemy has to flee from the home of a woman submitted to her husband. I add and is respectful with her words and the super cool thing I love about God is His mighty mercy to me when I not only repent and turn back to the straight path BUT acknowledge to my husband my sin.

I think confession is so weak these days. We're lacking recognizing that when we break down the bridge of trust (P31 woman's husband's heart trusted in her) we rebuild it and it's with words and actins and I applaud you both - Mrs. S and Bethann for being so lovely in your honesty and I know it's your heart to rebuild.

Why do we react instead of respond? I think it's sometimes because of unrealistic expectations and sometimes because of our own internatl sense of perfectionisn based on untempered shame.

When I'm tempted to knee jerk at my husband, I remember how I want to speak to his core (the man that God sees) and embrace that core and then GRACE his crud (the "stuff" that comes out - what he says or does or doesn't do - my expectations) AND grace him.

love you 3 lovely ladies for the honesty and encouragement.

onward ho to being an excellent wife who lives and gives grace - blessings...