Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Steps - Day 20

Moms are busy gals and if they don't know why they're doing what they do, have a plan to do it - they'll not have that necessary centering and will often just spin. Spinning women miss God in the moment.

Just making a big "to do" list or keeping up with menus or other tasks isn't what home keeping is totally about.

If I'm about having everything perfect in my home, then I'll miss the relationship aspect. I'll miss growing in character and I'll miss getting reward. On the other hand, if I'm about neglecting the duties or tasks necessary to create sanctuary, I'll miss growing in character and getting reward too.

On Day 19 I shared a page of my Simple Home Notebook listing out my personal goals (to keep me focused) for my Kitchen Sanctuary. Goals and lists are great but only when they are managed within margins of time.

In my Simple Home Notebook, I wrote: Margins are those spaces where time exists. I have 168 hours a week and 56 of those are supposed to be for sleeping. God’s given me a pattern of work 6 and rest 1.

Next, I wrote: I am the one who designates creativity within my margins. I am the one who must know what tasks are necessary to build my home and create sanctuary. I am the one who must prioritize my tasks (to create sanctuary in my home) and I must take responsibility to prioritize my relationship connections (husband priority, children, grandkiddos, etc.) so that I continue to grow in who I am. I am the one who chooses to live my life on-purpose. I choose.

If I'm so task and list driven then I can miss the moment of love, growth and that touch of God upon my face. Within my tasks and lists, I must allow for spontaneous spaces of interruption where close relationships reign supreme.

What's in your margins today? More on my margins tomorrow.

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Mekhismom said...

I so agree with your post. Although I have to admit my lists suffer since they are never written down and I remember things on the fly. I have got to get better about that.

Lylah said...

hi mekhismom....i wonder if sometimes it's the way we list things - rather than one big long one - i break mine into categories: Home Front, Hospitiality, Mentor Connections and right now I've got one for Speaking at Women's Retreat.

For me, Home Front includes meals, cleaning, de-cluttering projects etc.

Thanks for writing in!