Saturday, November 01, 2008

Becoming an On-Purpose Home Keeper Series - Part Four

Making a house a home is God’s assignment to women and with that assignment comes the potential to either build up or tear down the home (Proverbs 14:1).

Titus 2: 3—5 gives us some tools to build with: loving (being fond of) our husbands, training our children and keeping our homes. God gave us the job of being the home keeper.

That word originally (in the Greek) meant to be a home worker.

I recently read that the home was once described as a . . . place apart . . . a walled garden….in which certain virtues too easily crushed by modern life could be preserved.

Wow, MY home can be a place apart (from the crazy world) and it can be like a walled garden. These thoughts slow me down and make me realize that being a homemaker is an investment I make for eternity.

Several foundational heart values must be set in place for a woman to become an on-purpose home keeper and to create sanctuary in her home.

Some of those heart values have to do with looking at what I call Sanctuary Robbers. You can refresh your thinking by reviewing part one, part two and part three.

God gave the woman the role of bringing order and establishing peace in her home. Home is to be that place of sanctuary and peace providing restoration of the soul for the family.

If the woman of the home isn’t at least somewhat organized (this can be learned) and if she hasn’t established at least a few daily habits (these take time to develop) to fulfill her role in being the keeper of the home, it won’t be too long before exhaustion sets in, confusion and discouragement are the emotions that rule, children become unsettled and unruly and a husband becomes discouraged and maybe bitter.

I know that so many young women have never been trained (by older women) how to create a home that IS sanctuary. Many women haven’t had it modeled or been taught what it means to be a wife or a mother (biblical one) let alone how to keep the home and make it sanctuary.

Chaos and confusion are two ways a woman can systematically tear her house down. In time, the chaos of her foolish ways (lack of heart values, unmanaged margins, lack of foresight toward eternity, a personally undisciplined life, unwilling to learn, not caring about the marital benefits and others) will tear her home down. A home, intended to be a place of sanctuary and peace and restoration of the soul, will become a place of turmoil

The more a wife and mother seeks to Create Sanctuary and apply the Simple Home principles of order and structure by implementing a daily home front routine (training children, keeping the home, nutritious meals, respecting the husband), the more she’ll feel empowered, be productive and have a sense of joy.

When a mom’s day is ‘on purpose’ and her steps guided by routine and a (flexible) Home Front Margins the more she’ll have that internal sense where at the end of the day, she’ll be able to say (with some JOY) “Phew, it was a good day.”

Relax, stay with me and bring your cup of tea or coffee as we continue on the path together Becoming an On-Purpose Home Keeper.

I've got plans to chat about how to set up daily margins, creating Home Front Centers (HFC), decluttering suggestions, good equipment to work in your HFC's, hospitality and how to build bridges, make your table have power - and lots more!

This is a repost from an earlier series.
I’d love to hear how you’re doing and what is effecting you most from this series! I'd like to hear where you personally struggle. That will help me to know how to more thoroughly address some of these issues. Leave a post or write me personally at

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Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Hi! I found you from WFMW and I've gone back to the beginning of this series. I am really enjoying it and feel that it is straight from the Lord today.

I told a friend just earlier that I feel like I need a whole life overhaul. The one thing I am secure in is my relationship with the Lord. My diet, housekeeping, children, husband, everything else is in need of some real attention. I am excited to keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! God has been reminding me lately to do all things unto him, focusing me mainly on how I am as a mom and wife not just in my ministry outside of the house. This was right on time! Thank you Lylah keep it coming!

Amanda H

RefreshMom said...

Hi Lylah,

It's been a while since I stopped by...I need to do it more often! God has been working on me for the past year not to focus on ministry opportunities outside the home until I've better mastered my ministry inside my home.

You have so much to say on so many topics; have you ever looked at the Motivated Moms planner? I would love to see a calendar that would incorporate your ideas in that kind of format. Her checklist is helpful, but it would be much more meaningful to have something that incorporates the spiritual reasons behind the tasks as well as balancing the 4 areas you mention.

BarbaraLee said...

I would love to read the rest of your series but can't find it.

This week has been busy and haven't been in the house most of the time. I am in the shop doing work for dh b/c he has to go to work by 1:45 & is trying to get sofit on our shed before snow flies. But b/c I keep the house organized & trained the kids well my home isn't messy not perfect but neat. I have sewing stuff in the D/R calling my name. But if I didn't keep up w/it it would drive me nuts. I hate messy. The kids will come in the shop once in awhile and ask if there is anything I want them to do.

It shouldn't be a struggle for women to keep order in the house if their mothers taught them well. I have always been this way b/c my mother taught me and so on down the line. It is sad to hear & see so many of these women struggle w/a God given gift.
I hope that your blog helps those who want peace in their homes. I might not write a lot of fancy blogs like you but I do hope to shine some light that simple living can be done. But most of all rewarding. Working outside the home is over rated.

You are inspiration to all.

Lylah said...

barbaralee...thanks so much for commenting. you always encourage me. I'll work on posting the whole series in sequence next week :-)


kal said...

HI Lylah,
I enjoyed our time chatting today. I read BOPHK post today. I plan on going back to read the previous posts. I can't wait to learn, to be trained, to be the wife and mom that God created me to be!
Thank you, Lylah. Thank you for being on purpose and speaking into my life.
Blessings to you!

Lylah said...

morning beautiful woman....yesterday was just as much a gift to me - there's nothing sweeter than sitting across the table with a young woman who is hungry to grow and learn and become biblical...and of course fellowship over food.

can't wait for more times...blessings on you, your marriage and your kiddos!