Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i could use your help

Divine Caroline having a contest for it's writers and I'd love to win the $250 - specifically to buy a camera for myself. Mine broke. I've let my grandkids use it to get creative. Here's Zane's pics.
A month ago, I let Ivana use it (she's almost 4) try her hand and unfortunately she dropped it on cement. Ir-repairable. The picture below was taken at a cultural classical dance of India - one of our daughters from India, Sowmya, was dancing. That's the last time I saw my camera {sniff}.
No, I don't always wear the bindi :-) Last moment my camera worked

I'm borrowing a camera and need to give it back soon. I know - I know - I've been shameless bugging, pleading and asking everyone and anyone to help me out and so far I have 110 votes. I'm so thankful for every heart that went here and registered their vote for me.
Right now, there are now two blogs ahead of me and I {sniff, sniff} really, really want to win. This contest ends in November. Would you go here to Divine Caroline and register your vote for me please? Would you help me get 100 more votes by asking your friends to register and make one for me too? Thanks - your BFF.

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Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

Would I vote for you? Are you kidding? You bet your booties I'll go right on over and vote... how many times am I allowed to vote? :)

Love ya,

Lylah said...'re awesome...thanks woman!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

You crack me up! You need to win the award for most PR! You go girl! :-)
I already voted for you so sorry I can't add more!