Friday, January 04, 2008

The Simple Home - The Well Equipped Kitchen

It's been said that the kitchen is the hub of the home and I think it's the first place that spring cleaning should take place.

Since the kitchen is the hub of the home and family life flows into and out of the kitchen, it's important for a woman (or whoever is responsible for the cooking- some guys are) to have the right equipment. Good equipment helps prepare meals and good equipment saves time.

Some of the necessary equipment is (obviously) what we cook with. In the past, homemakers cooked with stainless steel and cast iron. A shift happened to aid the homemaker with Teflon (made by Dupont) cookware. Teflon is a product that claims a "no-stick" substance so that clean up is faster. Teflon has been touted to "making baking easier." Of late, though, there is research that shows that certain cookware, such as those coated with Teflon, actually carry toxins.

I use mostly stainless steel cookware with a few cast iron pieces and one or two teflon pieces that are a back up. I still use my Revere Ware, which is stainless steel, that I used in my early home making days of 1973.

As time has gone by and I've added to my collection, I have made most of my purchases from TJ Max or Target. I bought my blue cast iron pot and my other small sauce pans from TJ Max. One of my large cast iron pans I remember purchasing from the Good Will. It makes the best beans (cooked real slow).

I use a 2 qt. Tramontina, a 3 qt. Bialetti (professional quality), a Cuisinart, and a Well-Equipped Kitchen (the big blue one), a Circulon (the big red pot). The Circulon is one pot I intend to replace. It's coated with something. I also use a 10" Wolfgang Puck frying pan and a 12" Well Equipped Kitchen frying pan. I still have Teflon coated muffin tins and baking sheets which I am working on replacing. I also use a stainless steel tea pot.

What's in your kitchen?

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singlemomforgod said...

If you ever get tired of them just ship them my way!!! Have a Blessed Weekend!

Lylah said...

Hi there...okey have a fantastic one yourself...oh, i just posted another soup hubby says it's his favorite....i said, "really?"..hmmm..

la femme elisabeth said...

i was sooooo stoked when jon bought me stainless cookware for christmas this year!!! i think it cleans up easier than the teflon i had before--i just let it soak in really hot water w/ a drip of hour or so later it basically rinses easy! thanks for the posts about getting organized--i agree completely!!

Lylah said...

Hey Elisabeth...thank YOU...that was so sweet of your jon to buy your such a great gift - the ones that keep on, what ya cookin' lately?

Amy said...

I am learning the joys of cooking on cast iron and I love stainless steel cookware. I am completing a project for my site that will give us some extra cash and I am going to invest in a good set of pots. As much cooking as I do at home, I think I deserve it. Thanks for the recommendations!

Lylah said...

Hi Amy ~ thanks for the comment. As I write...I pulled out my big blue cast iron pot....pulled out the chicken broth and will make my hubby some soup for tonight. Love you blog! blessings

Kennedy said...

Wow!! Really you have good variety of kitchen equipments!!