Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Heart of Creating Sanctuary

The Heart of Creating Sanctuary

Creating sanctuary is so much about the internal workings of a woman's feminine soul. It doesn't start with cleaning, although it involves that.

Heart and home can't help but be entwined.

If I am not secure in who He is and if I don't know who I am in light of who He is, I'll not be a woman at peace.

May peace dwell in my heart richly . . . .
Peace won't dwell in my heart if I'm confused about Who He is.

I believe what is absolutely core to a woman (young or older) creating sanctuary is that she be a woman at peace, dwelling in peace and walking in peace.

Peace comes and fills us when we follow the Prince of Peace. How can we follow One we don't know? How can we trust One we don't know.

How does a woman begin?
Connect with God and receive a simple truth to anchor yourself for the day. Just one truth.

Meditate on that truth - as you go about your day:
*making your bed,
*planning for the next meal,
*folding your laundry,
*wiping the nose (for the umpteenth time) of your little one,
*cleaning up the forth spill (in the last fifteen minutes),
*paying the bills (and what needs to be paid is more than what is in the check book),
*talking to your elderly parent who is needing care that you don't think you can give,
*thinking about your grandchild who is experiencing rejection on the play ground,
*thinking about how tired you are and that your husband needs you - tonight,
*feelings of guilt arise because other women seem to get it all done and you struggle with getting just one thing done,
* struggling because your weight and lack of energy is still an issue in your life,
*feeling afraid because your husband seems disconnected from you and you wonder if he's pulling away because of???
* feeling overwhelmed because of the stress of the holidays and ???
*____________________________(you fill in the blank)

My one truth for today is from Psalm 32:7.

I love the song that my husband wrote about that passage.

If you are one, feeling overwhelmed with creating sanctuary and just doing life in general, stop....take a pause in your day....and listen here. Selah's version of You are My Hiding Place will refresh you.

I'll write more later on today....right's a Grand Kiddo Day....

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Lindsay Edmonds said...

I am refreshed once again by your simple encouragement. Peace has definitely been on my mind lately. It is so much more peaceful when He is reigning on the throne in my home and not me! Thank the Lord!

Donna said...

You spoke the very words I think and feel from day to day - thank you so much for the encouragement!