Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Teaching a little one about sanctuary

I've shared this on the Lylah blog before and if you've visited in the past, you might have seen my heart towards moms (and dads) teaching little ones not only how to work, but ABOUT sanctuary.

If you're new, I'm hoping to encourage you to keep reading.

Ivana spent the night with us. We LOVE it. It always helps me remember the full plate moms have. That's why I wrote my post to encourage moms to grab just ONE truth and let it be the anchor for the whole day. Let it be the TRUTH you keep coming back to. As you let the truth mold your day, you'll be modeling a little one's heart to learn about the Heart of Sanctuary!

While working on sanctuary cleaning, I love to have Ivana help. Actually, she LOVES to help. She ASKS to help. Can ya believe it? Her mama's doing something right :-)

Here's another step in Creating Sanctuary.

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Chrissy said...

Aww, adorable. What a good little helper. She's well-trained. ;-) And such a good houseguest! I wonder if that will last into her teenage years!