Wednesday, June 25, 2008

fuses: locking your man into past patterns

Today, I will be in London headed to Madrid and then to Basque Country where I'll continue to post. I'd appreciate prayer for travel!

Looking at the bombs in marriage and those fuses that ignite them is a good subject to not rush through. And this morning, I know there are women who lock their husbands into patterns of the past. I did. My oh my did I light some fuses with that.

It's a BIG fuse to an explosive bomb is when we lock our husbands into "past patterns" with words like "you always" or "you never." How we view our men matters.

Do you see him based on his behavior or do you see him as a man of God who has blown it and sinned?

The exact way you are wanting him to view you– is the same way you need to view him.

We forget that God is big in our husbands . . . and we forget that they are treasured image bearers to be respected, honored and loved.

Check how you view your man – do you see him as being locked into his old patterns (even though the pattern of behavior just happened yesterday)?

Or do you view him as the one whom you heard and believe has a desire to change.

Do you "lock into" the image – him being a glorious –yet fallen – image bearer – one whom God isn’t finished working on you . . . just like God’s not finished working on you?

Do you practice your ABC’s – accept him where he’s at, believe the best about him and c- come along side and get understanding as to what’s happening in his life and get understanding as to his sometimes crazy, erratic and even angry behavior that is hurtful.

Let me encourage you to refrain from thoughts and language that locks him into the yesterdays of behavior that hurts. It only destroys intimacy.

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