Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Sad Saga of Jon and Kate - Marriage

As any married person knows - it's hard - at times - really hard being a wife or a husband. It takes work and tenacity and humility and forgiveness and respect and love to endure through those times in marriage where it ain't all roses.
Being Michael's wife has brought me great joy, lots of fun, and many many times of great laughter. We've learned to do things together (and love it): hospitality, remodeling, gardening, playing free cell (he on his lap time and me on mine - which by the way - he usually wins).

It's also been one of the hardest things I've done - learning what it means to be a wife - getting out of myself, discovering my selfish ways, learning how to constantly, creatively communicate and sometimes use words.

I've grown to become his best. And, he's grown to become my best.

We've learned to keep short accounts, not hold a grudge, let go of resentment and basically learned (still learning) how to resolve conflicts quickly so intimacy isn't impeded.

Doing life without my husband is NOT an option for me. It's not about bring me peace - but me learning to let peace rule in my feminine soul in spite of what goes on around me. It's been about me, developing character and getting ready to stand before - on That Day - my audience of One.

I've watched only one show of Jon and Kate Plus Eight but lately have been interested in where the sad saga of their life would end up. Many of you responded when I asked for the advice you'd give this precious couple - for the sake of their precious children.

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What's happened to them - what has happened to us?

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Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

I've watched my fair share of episodes but not on any regular basis. I certainly hope that their announcement is to cancel the show for the sake of their marriage. After seeing how he did not want to continue the show at the end of last season, I thought they should have cancelled then for the sake of their relationship. It was obvious that it was a point of contention.

Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

I don't watch this show, have never seen an episode. But it's hard not to know who they are and what they're going through. ;)

I'm hoping/praying for the sake of their family, marriage, children,.. that their announcement is that they're quitting the reality show and focusing on their family and NOT that it's that they're getting a divorce. I know, I'm optimistic. But I'm hoping it's that.

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

I've watched 1 single episode and simply could not stand Kate and her constant berating and yelling. I'm not a perfect person, but OMG, she drove me nuts! I can imagine that living your life in front of cameras is stressful, but they signed up for it. They couldn't have had the most stable of relationships before this, I think.

Ronel Sidney said...

I do hope this announcement is about taking a step back and spending time working on their marriage.

Suzanna said...

I feel so sad for their family. In many ways I do not respect them because of what I see on their show: how they treat each other and act towards their children. But I also wonder how much of the story we see. I guess it could be worse or better than portrayed.

BreAnna said...

I can't STAND the woman!!! The show should be called "Kait plus 9" because she treats her husband like a child. Every episode is embarassing to watch. I feel embarassed for her!!! I read her book "multiple blessings" shes like a saint in the book talking about her christian life style and then bashes her husband on her show for America to see. To me shes two faced and a power goon. So she had 8 kids... ok that was like what 8 years ago... who cares now! It's all old to me!

Lylah said...

Such good comments. It seems as if we are all saddened by the affair of this man and woman.

Indeed, Kate has publicly ridiculed her husband and one wonders why this has been allowed to go on as her part has to systematically tear her house down.

On the other hand, Jon doesn't understand that his God-given job description is to lead his family.

Has money and stuff overrode the reality of the preciousness of family?

What regret will she have? Who is her pastor?

Elaine said...

I think our country is like a divorce; what was once hope filled and growing is now destroyed by selfish expectations and lack of commitment. Men no longer desire to be men, women have sacked that idea with the "woman's movement", it's a load of crap! If we still listened to God as a nation perhaps not everyone would have lost sight of what our roles were and we wouldn't see tragedy's such as this. Granted life will hurt and there is much pain to have, but the blessings that come forth are worth every moment. I think Jon & Kate plus 8 are a small picture with a loud voice that echo's what's going on in America, I will be praying they will survive and learn to put their trust in God.

Kristamom said...

I use to watch this show when it first came on. I could only bear 5 minutes of that big confession episode. It was a little cold, disfuntional and sad since I did notice how tanned they were from obvious vacations...which is an excellent luxury of going through a divorce and being famous - I knew I should've been on tv! :).

Between the screaming kids (ooof, no way to 8 children - 1 is crazy enough for me!) and the sad uncomort I felt for Jon and Kate, I couldn't deal and had to change that channel.