Monday, March 02, 2009

Loving My Husband

I'm so thankful for my husband and our marriage. We're good . . . (very good) for each other. We bring growth and character and joy into each others lives.

Without Michael, I wouldn't be the woman I am.

He challenges me, encourages me, (and yes, even frustrates me and I him) and yet, it's because of our intimate relationship of love, respect and commitment that we work through, press through and come out on the other side of those hard yet good places even more deeply in love - and crazy about each other.

What do I do to maintain my part of the deal?
I get it - the IT - is that my husband needs respect.

If you are experiencing some of your husband's flesh bursts of anger (whether it's outward or he's gotten silent), it's possible that he's not feeling respected by you or someone else.

Men who aren't being respected tend to knee jerk at anything that comes their way. They'll either express anger with an outburst or they'll shut down and get quiet and have a slow seethe that will come out one day - like an affair.

My husband needs me to admire him, honor him, care for him, speak to him with a gentle and graceful tone. He needs me to believe in him and to seek to understand his vision for our future. He needs me to be patient with him and to remember that he's in process just like I am.

Two Ways I Do This:
One of the key principles in marriage is to keep in mind that God sees my husband really differently than I often do, especially in the moment of frustration or disappointment.

The second principle is to NOT lock your husband into old patterns of the past. Believe the best of him and that he really wants to love you in the way that you need.

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shelisroja said...

Just beautiful, wonderfully put...such admiration & love you both have for each other. What a blessing! The last part is such an encouragement for me, something the Lord has laid on my God's grace He has & still is helping me to continue this path. Thank You for blessing me with your wonderful & encouraging life in words!!

<3 Lisa

Mrs. Sidney said...

What a wonderful post and a great reminder.