Monday, March 02, 2009

My Garden Helper

One of the ways I spend time with my grandchildren is to have them come along side me while I'm planting or digging in the garden baking bread or making breakfast in the kitchen. I always find a little "chore" for them to learn to do.

The other day I had two of my grandchildren "help" me in the garden. To be honest, they make more of a mess for me and it takes more time to "show" them what to do than it does for me to just "do it."

But, that's not the point. As a parent or grandparent, the whole idea is to teach and train and model and show them how to "do it" - rather than push them aside and "do it" yourself. How will they ever learn the value of work if we do it all for them? How will they learn how to "do it" if we don't teach them and let them try?

How cute is this hardworking little princess who helped me in the garden?

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