Friday, November 21, 2008

little garden girls tips for kids - peppers

The transition that happened with the industrial revolution took something away that building and growing a garden creates opportunity to bring back. What is that? Dependency on God and the awe of life and growing things and giving thanks to the Almighty for his wonderful provision.

Little Garden Girls Tips for Pepper Picking. Part Two.

Little Garden Girls Tips for Pepper Pickiing. Part Three

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Pami said...

ohmygoodness Jillian - you are a natural at doing on camera work!! Look out HGTV, a new gardening expert is on her way!

(i'm especially loving the signature "bye-byyyeeeee!" signoff)

Vicki said...

Hi Lylah,
Just stopped in to puruse your blog. My kids are thinking that Jillian is SO cute -I had to draw the line at 5 replays of each video! :) Appreciate your knowledge and care for women in all of your posting. I have seen so many mom's struggling with fear over where our country is headed and I think they need so much to be encouraged that God is our King and Heaven is our home and we have nothing to fear when we are in His hands. Keep on encouraging :)(really appreciated the post on where true peace lies)
Best regards,
Vicki Starting

*3~BLonDeS~mOm said...

How sweet is this?
Pre industrial revolution eh? Well..on that note, the girls and I have begun to read little house in the big woods. As we found out in the first chapter, the Big Woods were very close to where we live now!! And they lived in a grey wooden house like ours! (oh but not quite...) Perhaps the information age, will give us back some of what we have lost, with the industry.
Lets hope! Would you please let Gillian know that we could use some help with our garden in the spring? We have room for migrant workers...LOL