Friday, November 21, 2008

our fall garden update

In the midst of life and family and time with friends and posting radical things, I'm seeking to maintain the garden God's given me to tend. Yesterday, I told my friend Anita, "Wow, gardens can take a lot of work."

Two days ago, I spent at least an hour stringing up my sweet peas and today, Michael came to my aide and put pantyhose on our squash.

Jillian's jalapeno peppers. Please visit Jillian's Garden Tips for Pepper Picking!

Due to space, I decided to try to grow our squash upwards.
I had an old pair of pantyhose that worked perfect for holding up the growing squash. I've had success with using wine tubs as planters. Home Depot had several left over ones that were weak and seeming to fall apart. I asked for a deal - 2 for 1 - and the manager obliged. This wine tub is loaded with blossoms. I'm looking forward to trying Mindy's squash recipes.

Isn't this lovely? Radishes and carrots peaking up underneath.

We've done well with the wine tubs, earth boxes and our big planters Michael built this spring. Now, we're trying our hand using slump blocks to garden. So far, it's working well. What's fun about this method is that we can keep adding to it. By the way, the Phoenix valley soil is often rocky and sandy so this works well for many of us desert dwellers.
In spite of the often poor soil conditions, we have tried two patches in the native soil. This is one of our pumpkin patches - these babies are called appropriately "pumpkin pie pumpkins." So far so good and the chickens think so too.

So, how's your garden growing these days? What have you planted? Are you using seeds or seedlings?

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AZ Chica said...

Wow...Your garden looks fabulous!! BUT those aren't me and I'll tell you how to prepare them. :-)

brooke said...

i'm drooling. spokane's growing season is about 5 months long!