Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eating Flowers - Tuesday's Lunch in a Box

Three seasons ago, my husband built these boxes - these raised beds - so that we could begin a journey in experiencing gardening here in the desert.

And, now, in our third gardening season, I must say that Michael and I are thoroughly enjoying this journey.

He builds boxes and designs the flow of our garden space. He created this special pathway that since has been called by little princesses a Princess Pathway.

As we partner together, my part is to figure out what to plant in the season at hand, and how/when to harvest what we're growing and to find new and creative ways to prepare the food that comes from our garden.

One of the creative ways I've come up with is to think of each box as LUNCH or DINNER. Having the mindset about Lunch or Dinner in a Box stretches me to find recipes and ways to serve what we're growing like this Tuscan Kale Salad or this Comfort Food (using lots of rosemary).

Today, Lunch in a Box included a big fresh clipping of Arugula.

I not only snipped away at the Arugula, but felt that our lunch needed some additional color . . . so, I selected a few of these lovely Nasturtium - knowing that those joining me for lunch (darling oldest daughter and husband) might not think it as wonderful as I do - to eat flowers for lunch.

This Arugula/Nasturtium salad demanded the addition of a bit of feta cheese, a few pine nuts and some spots of dried cranberries.

Now, tell me, wouldn't you eat these flowers for lunch?

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At Home with Kim Vallee said...

You are right: edible flowers are the simplest way to dress up a salad.

It is still too cold where I live but I am already planning my potted gardens. Between leafy greens and fresh herbs, I'll have a corner for edible flowers and tomatoes this summer.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Love your garden posts! My son really wants to have a garden so I am determined to have one in our new backyard.

Thanks for the inspiration!

blessings to you!

Vista Gal said...

Lylah, What dressing did you use for this delicious salad?
I'm having tea luncheon and it is gardened themed. This would be a great salad for this day!

Lylah said...

Hey Beverly...I used a tinch of olive oil and white wine vinegar. Thanks for stopping by Kim, Melissa & Beverly.

You should have seen my hubs face when he looked at the flowers. It said, "You've got to be kidding!" Was stellar!

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Oh, we have a garden like yours, but our plants are half that size right now. It's so much fun! The salad looks beautiful and so does your garden. My son said he couldn't wait to eat salad! Wow!


Lylah said...

Hey Kim....thanks for stopping by....the real question will be - if he'll eat flowers :-) LOL


RecipeGirl said...

How wonderful to be able to clip it all from your garden. I've never eaten flowers before :)