Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yellow Inspirations

I'm a blue and yellow woman. I simply love those colors. They make me happy on the inside. They make me smile on the outside. What do you think of these yellow rooms - all compliments of BHG. Which one is your favorite?

For more yellow inspiration visit Melissa at Inspired Rooms.

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Latte With Me said...

I think the third one down is my favorite. Which one is yours?

Deborah Granick said...

The 6th one down is my fav and the last two ;) I want to paint my bdrm yellow thanks for the ideas :)

Deborah Granick said...

I like the 6th one down! lovely! thanks for the ideas! Have a lovely day!

Lylah said...

It's really difficult to say which room scape I'm drawn too, because each one woos and draws me in. I love the elegance and formality of third one down from the top.

I love the brighness of the fifth one down - love SUN! And, the dining room scene - 7th down is where I'd like to wake up to every morning and linger. Perhaps that's my favorite because I'm all about the power of the table!

Angela said...

I especially love the rustic looks! Love rustic! Love it!!!