Friday, March 07, 2008

Thinking About Cupcakes and Gardens

Besides thinking about cupcakes my heart's wrapped around Garden Guy. He's hammering and measuring and buzzing away - building boxed gardens for our family. Remember this and then this? Now it's this! :-) I love my guy.

When a woman gets quiet enough (hint, hint) her man can get vision for the impossible. Our yard is a crazy design. But after Michael saw the Home Grown Revolution U- Tube, he got so inspired and vision was birthed.

Our Arizona dirt is difficult to work, so he's building Garden Girl Tv's garden boxes and is starting with this area and creating beauty from there.
While digging in the dirt, Candace found a worm - the grandkiddo's favorit new toy. It's amazing how much creative playtime kids can have with dirt and worms.
. . . until I hear Zane say, "Ivana, stop kissing the worm."

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