Monday, April 06, 2009


I have two tensions in my love of gardening.

One tension is that when the season changes and I need to uproot or trim back all the plants that are no longer useful or that have turned bitter because this isn't their season - I just don't want to do it. (I wonder if God feels that tension with His people.)
I don't want to pull them out because they look so beautiful. (I wonder if God thinks that same way.)
As beautiful as they look, they're no longer edible - they've become bitter.
For days, I've stared at this lovely Arugula. It's so beautiful and I just didn't want to uproot it's beauty. I also LOVE Arugula for a great salad with goat cheese, pine nuts and slivers of apples.
So, a few weeks ago, while I sat in my garden chair looking at the Arugula, I decided it was time to act.
And, act I did. Stay tuned for my Victory Garden Updates. It's so lovely! Post your garden exploits and come back here to tell about it.

I can't wait to show you more....of my Victory Garden.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lylah,
My son is in Mark's Youth Group and after seeing your link on Candace's website, I began following your blog. Thanks to your inspiration, along w/reading the book "In Defense of Food", I now have my first ever veggie garden. We're eating the lettuces & radishes now & looking forward to lots of tomatoes, cukes, squash & other veggies in the near future. I agree about the pruning - I've had a hard time just thinning my little sprouts. lol

Thanks for the inspiration. . . Dawn

Lylah said...

Hi should see the smile on my face - it's BIG!

I'm so glad I can influence you to bless your family and be an example to the other women in your sphere of influence.

Thanks!!!! lylah