Monday, April 06, 2009

Squandering Resources

My dad's talked about being green before green was ever really talked about. For years he's subscribed to Mother Earth News and gathered information and plans to fulfill his dream of building a home that was totally self - sustained and seriously energy efficient - one that would be run solely off solar, renewable energy, solar heat collectors and other natural resources.

I remember a few years ago, he'd tell me that we all needed to start living differently and that we (Americans) were consumers with a spirit of entitlement and that we were squandering the natural resources that God gave us to steward. While sitting here in my living room Dad said that there'd come a time when those resources might not be available.

Like never before are those words resonating in my head. Like never before have I been concerned about the reality that those resources might dry up quickly. Like never before, as I look at the world around me and the threats of EMP warfare (which are so very real) and the possible energy tax bill in Congress now am I aware that I must do more in evaluating my own consumerism and sense of entitlement and radically change how I "do life" out of my home front.

One of my radical shifts is cutting way back on electric use through my sun oven. Another radical shift is developing my year long pantry. Another delightful shift is working the garden and learning to find, prepare and eat foods that I can grow from my garden and that which is in it's season. Adding and caring for laying hens to my urban - yard is another shift.

How are you shifting? How do you think you've squandered precious natural resources? What changes are you making?

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Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Lylah, I'm really inspired by your projects and goals! Keep sharing what you've learned!

Deborah Granick said...

Well, I bought two baby chicks for eggs. I am planning my organic garden (not quite warm enough yet) and have cut our monthly food budget to less than half of what it was! I have been working hard at keeping our family eating as healthy and organic as possible while being far more careful and planning meals and snacks and sticking to it! You have been quite an inspiration :)