Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Steps to Re-Organizing Your Pantry - Part Two

I love my kitchen. It's the serving center where I spend much of my day in and out of. I like to think that lots of love, life and creativity flow from this space into the others.

Yesterday, I started posting my steps to re-organizing my food pantry. I've been evaluating and researching how to make my pantry a FRUGAL pantry. Go here for step one.

Step Three
After you've completed those first two steps, next make a list of kitchen organizing products you've determined will help you with efficiency in the kitchen.

Get ideas from places from online stores like SurLa Table or Target and Ikea. I use mesh cutlery utility drawer trays to organize. I also use little plastic containers.

Besides counter, drawers and cupboards, what else needs attention? Does the refrigerator need cleaned out? Check expiration dates of all the food in the refrigerator and the freezer. Get rid of anything that looks or smells iffy.

Make a page in the Kitchen section of your Simple Home Notebook that says Grocery List and write down what is going to need to be replaced. Move older freezer food to the front and use that first. There are tons of blogs and sites to help you be creative with menus and dinner planning.

Step Four
What needs to be replaced? Again, mark these items down in your Kitchen notebook. Recently, I began to replace all my toxic plastics. I've gone to use mostly glass containers with a few from the non-toxic plastic list.

Step Five
Take a look at your food pantry. How's it working for you? Is it functioning well for time efficiency and is it stocked for some emergency situation?

Ask yourself: How can I re-organize it according to baked items, canned items, pasta, etc. What needs to be replaced or replenished?

The key to Simple Home Living is to begin small with little steps, get a girlfriends help and try to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

I know moms of little ones can find themselves overwhelmed. Be encouraged do the best you can, take one step at a time and enjoy those moments with those little people who always seem to be under foot. Bring them by your side for little moments of teaching. Teach them how to work by giving them little projects to do like putting the silverware or cups away. Give them a paper towel and have them "wipe" the refrigerator off while you wipe off the counters. Give them a little wisk broom and show them how to "sweep" the floor. Make it fun, not a chore. Teach them the value of sanctuary.

Before you get started on Part Two of Re-Organzing Your Pantry do these things (if you haven't already):
1. Make your bed.

2. Smile and tell God three things you're thankful for.

3. Clean your kitchen sink out - no dirty dishes allowed!

4. If you're married, go back down memory lane and reflect where you were the first time you "noticed" your husband.

5. Kiss your little ones and tell them how much you love them.

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Aren't these pretty? This color makes me smile! Just thought I'd show you!

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Denise said...

My kitchen just overwhelms me....hopefully I can find a friend to help me out, because the thought of doing it alone...makes me not want to do it!


Oh and I am glad you found my blog yesterday, feel free to follow me :)

Lylah said...

if i was closer...i'd be your friend and come over and we'd ATTACK!

i will pray God provides a "kitchen buddy" to come along side you!

i will follow you :=

BarbaraLee said...

I was at my cousins wedding. I was happy that we aren't related.