Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Baby Steps - Day 13

We're beginning to turn a corner to wrap up this series on Becoming a Purposeful Home Keeper and today's Day 13 Baby Steps subject has to do with the Gift of Time.

Attending to the affairs (the WHAT) of our homes requires us to be wise in how we manage the gift of time. Like many women, I have to constantly evaluate my usage of this gift. We’re only given so much time and only so much strength and grace within the frame of time to accomplish what it is that God wants us to accomplish.

Thinking About The Gift
Time frames come packaged for us in years, seasons, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes. King Solomon wrote that there is a time for everything and a season for everything activity under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). We’re never promised tomorrow. We’re told to redeem the time. We must be wise with the gift.

The eternal God Himself worked within a frame of time. He worked to create for six days and then on the seventh day He rested from the work. So, in becoming on purpose as a home keeper we would do well to follow God’s pattern of work and rest. Work six days and rest one day.

One Woman's Wise Use of Time
Mrs. P 31 Woman surely had to be wise with her time. I can’t help but think she had some sort of “planner” to guide her in managing her home. She definitely understood the season and time of things. She had her priorities in order.

Creating a Simple Home Planner
I believe that every Purposeful Home Keeper needs to create a Simple Home Planner that has this theme (or something like it) on the cover:

The Simple Home ~ Keep it Simple, Make it Simple and Simplify.

Why? Mainly so you don’t miss God in the hidden moments of life because you’re too busy, too taxed and too grumpy AND because you don’t want to get to the END of your life and have regrets.

Then inside The Simple Home Notebook I’d put some major sections such as:
A Master Stewardship Map
This map describes the BIG picture – where you write down:
WHAT you want your home to look like (this will be the vision you have)
HOW you plan to fulfill what you're after (this will be like a "task" section)
WHEN you plan to “do that” (this will be your margins section)

A Master Stewardship Journal
In this section you'd list all the centers (areas) of your home front. I’d give each center a page or two.

a. Kitchen - I'd start organizing and clarifying this center because it’s the hub of the home. Life in the home flows into and out of what YOU do in your kitchen. Of all the places to START organizing – I’d say it’s the kitchen.

b. Master Bedroom – The second zone I’d work on de-cluttering and beautifying is this zone. This center is often the most neglected or the one to be on the last of the “list” of getting to. How often are we guilty of piling laundry, and misc. stuff in our places where love and hearts are touched at intimate levels that only the angels see?

c. Laundry Room - This could be any working center that supports the needs of the family.

d. Living Room

e. Bath Room

f. Other Bedrooms

A Master Stewardship Agenda or Calendar
This section would be for your daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal center responsibilities. I'll talk about this more later.

As you take baby steps forward – reconsider your margin or time robbers? What are you weak points? Where do you get tempted to waste the gift of time? Get a girl friend and get some accountability.

See you Wednesday from Basque Country. I’m off to France and to Henriet’s Chocolate Factory . . . the best chocolate ever!

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Anonymous said...

It's so important to be purposeful about our time, yet it can also be challenging at home because of the freedom we enjoy. My weak point is the computer. I try to limit my time here, but it seems to keep drawing me back in. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for this. I have been so stressed and tryingto redo my days and I think I make it more difficult. I like the part of the simple home plan in the beginning of it "THE BIG PICTURE". Thanks!

Beth Ann said...

I just found you and started reading...WOW! This sounds incredibly cool and something I REALLY need to do! I S T R E T C H myself too far and my whole family suffers, especially me, and then Im no good for anything! THank you for such a great concept, and Ill be reading double-time to catch up!
*Have fun in France! I would love to be taste-testing with you! :)