Wednesday, September 24, 2008

centered in my home

Earlier this morning I was glued to NPR, CNN and Fox news and the financial crisis (rooted in our own greed and materialism and spending money we don't have).

Crazy days and times are upon us and one of the things I know that helps to center me in and uncertain times is appreciating my home and spending time quieting my feminine soul in my home. The older I get the more I love being a woman in my home and creating a place that’s restful and beautiful.

I love creating sanctuary: a place where my husband, children and grandchildren want to come home to. . . a place that is a refuge, a safe harbor, a shelter. A place that is full of peace.

I love this quote by The Rebbe ~ The home should become a light that illuminates the entire street and community.

Making a house a home is God’s assignment to women and with that assignment comes the ability to either build up or tear down our homes (Proverbs 14:1).

Titus 2: 3—5 gives us some tools to build with: loving (being fond of) our husbands, training our children and keeping our homes. God gave us the job of being the home keeper. That word originally (in the Greek) meant to be a home worker.

I recently read that the home was once described as ~ a place apart . . . a walled garden in which certain virtues too easily crushed by modern life could be preserved.

Wow, my home can be a place apart (from the crazy world) and it can be like a walled garden. These thoughts slow me down and make me realize that being a homemaker is an investment I make for eternity.

One of the ways a woman shows love for her family is through the work of her hands. She is the one who creatively brings in those beauty touches from the outside to remind her family of God’s heart for them. She is the one who makes sure that every one is cared for.

Generally, she is the one who prepares nutritious food for her family. Sure, I know some men love to cook. And, even in some cultures, men are the ones who prepare the meals, but there’s just something about a woman serving her family by bring to the table a nutritious meal that she’s planned and prepared.

Now, trust me, I know that taking care of a home can be exhausting—especially for moms with little ones. In case I forget, God's blessed me with five grand-kiddos. But, keeping the home, like in any labor . . .. we must remember that we’re not just housekeepers, but we are home-makers and creating sanctuary in our homes is one of the most significant jobs we do as we invest in eternity.

Viewing the home as a Sanctuary and the kitchen as The Centering Place will help a woman understand the value of creating order in her home. I truly believe that any 'ministry' a woman does will flow from what she does from her home and especially . . . out of her kitchen. Recently, I spoke to wives in Tucson, and I unashamedly told them to, "Go home and bake cookies."

Occassionaly, I am asked how I do what I do . . .
first . . . I'm centered in my home
second . . . I love my husband

fourth . . . I live on-purpose
and, fifth. . . my kitchen is the hub, the center

and my ministry flows out from there.
In days of uncertainty, what's your plan to be centered?

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KJ said...

This is a very "centered" post! I love the balance and harmony that comes from the Word of God and from being focused on what really matters.

Thanks for sharing!

Emily@remodelingthislife said...

Wow, I hadn't thought of this, but I have been a busy little bee in my home, rearranging, making things prettier and cozier lately and maybe it's that same thing. Seeing a crazy world around me outside my door and wanting to make sure that when I'm in my space that it's a refuge from all of that. What a great perspective.

Beckie said...

Hi Lylah! You don't know me from Adam (or rather Eve)! but my oldest daughter directed me to your blog. Yes, I have a blog but don't post any longer. I've let photography take up my blogging time.

We raised our girls in our Christian (although we never claimed to be perfect) home. When our oldest daughter was four she accepted Christ. However, she chose not to follow Him into her adulthood. She is now married (to a non believer) and they are expecting their second child in Dec.

Right after she called and told me to check out your blog and I got here, she called back and asked if they could go to church with us on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!

I don't know what it was she found here, but I am so thankful you are here!!!!

May God's richest blessings be upon you, your family and this blog!!!

Lylah said...

well, i one blessed mama!

God's good - all the time.
blessings to you and congrats on your precious grandbabies!


Deb@Bird On A Wire said...

Lylah, you're such a blessing. Thanks for your centered and visonary writing. It's a true gift to have met and to continue to read and converse with you. God leads us if we will hold out our hand. <3

Lorie said...

Thank you for this! My husband works in the financial services industry, so it is easy to get caught up in what is going on outside and around us.

It is always wonderful to remember what it is important and what we can control.

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

I heard a talk on Sunday about using what you have. While I agree and strive to use my home, kitchen and cooking skills to reach others, other women may use something in their job or something else. I think it's all a matter of using what talents we have been given while on this earth.

Good post.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Pretty much the same as yours. I think the crazier the world becomes, the more we need that haven for all who enter to feel loved and peaceful. Great Post!
xo Lidy

Amy said...

Hi sweet Lylah lady!

I loved reading this post... oh it's so spot on with all I have been learning. To feel comfortable and embracing the call of God in my life, is to embrace my home. It really is! I used to want to be away from home ALL the time... going going going... but as I have really grown more into the person God has created me to be, I so love my home. I love making it clean and homey... a safe place for my family to come and just be. I love cooking and making homemade meals for them... for our time together as a family.

Hugs.. Amy