Friday, September 07, 2007

Ode to the Cold Cup of Coffee

There's a sweet litte book called Five Minutes of Peace. If you're a mom of little ones, then you've probably seen/read it. It's about this Mamma Elephant walking around her house with her cup of coffee/tea. The idea is that she lonnnnngggggssss to finish her morning coffee. She ends up going to the bathroom - just to do so. The little book portraits in such a fun way the realities of motherhood.

If I were to write my own Five Minutes of Peace - it'd be entitled: Ode to the Cup of Cold Coffee!

This past year I've been delightfully reminded about how moms of little ones don't ever get to finish a cup of hot coffee. I laugh, 'cause that's been me this past year.

So - to all you precious moms....this is to honor you - An Ode to the Cold Cup of Coffee. Cheers - here's mine from yesterday. :-)

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The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

As a mom (and your daughter =)to little ones, I concur- but I am all about the ode to the cold cup of once-hot tea. Somehow I became the odd man out with my love for tea, and not coffee. love you mom! C

Rose said...

First of all LOVE that book, and the one where they're going out and she wants to stay clean...

And I so relate to the cold cup. But as with the previous commentor, tea is different, you can down a cold cup of tea, coffee... not so much.

Here's to the WARM cup of tea/coffee being enjoyed at least once a year!