Monday, September 17, 2007

from my favorite cafe' uda.berri in san sabastian

Well it's our 4th day in Europe's best kep secret - Basque Country - San Sabastian or Donostia - Spain. This city is amazing. The architecture is like Old World NYC. I'm taking as many pics as I can and when I figure out how to load them on my son-in-law, Geralds puter, you'll see the beauty of structure that I'm talking about.

Most everything is within walking distance. One walks and walks. It feels good to me. Michael and I had a lovely "stroll" last night - from where Jenni & Gerald's new flat is (we pray) to where they are currently staying.

There are 3 beaches here - one surf and the other two just as lovely. I've never felt such soft sand. I've also never been on a "topless" beach....I guess it's just "culture."

I've always had a hard time with Spanish - can't seem to get the 'rrrrr' thing....but, being thrown into it - has been good for me. I'm daring to try to ask for something - and being graciously accepted. My one clear sentence is, "Cafe' con leche." :-) Spanish is such a beautiful language to listen to. I was delighted when Michael said he'd like to learn together. I think we'll invest in Roseta Stone.

We have another week and a half here - so, I'm soaking up as much as I can. Hopefully, Jenni and I will get to make a car trip together to the French side.

Because our dollar is a bit depleted - the euro has more, it's pretty expensive. My itsy bitsy cup of coffee (which is FABULOUS) costs 1.60 euro. It's about (i think) .75 cents to 1 euro.

Well...from my favorite internet cafe - Uda.Berri in San Sabastian...signing off...

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la femme elisabeth said...

mmmmmmmmmm...maybe you can mail me a cafe con leche! kiss everyone for me (minus G and Michael, of course). WHat a blessing that you are there to help in the transition. BTW--How was First Class?!?!?!?!