Friday, September 21, 2007

While sitting at the park bench...

Today is Friday...I think? Time is interesting when you are 9 hours difference.

Right now, it's 7:39 pm and I am sitting at the Koldo Mitxelena - the public library in San Sabastian. The many,many mothers, fathers, children and grandparents are just leaving the 'square.' I suppose to go home and cook dinner. Dinner is around 9 pm and bed is around 10:30 or later.

Just a while ago, I had 2 children approach me and ask me (in Spanish, of course) if I wanted to buy their string bracelots. I told them to speak English. And, they tried. I also told them I had no money. Which I didn't. They gave me the white bracelot...and then just about 5 minutes ago, they came back with a group of friends....all 10 year olds....and we spoke English. So, I guess I can have an English class talk time with 10 year olds. It was fun.

Next to me - was a mom - who spoke English. She has visited the US when she was 14 and one other time. This is my first conversation with anyone - other than the kids. Makes me smile.

Today, we took a bus ride to Onderetta - the area where J&G will move to next week. It's a beautiful area filled with children. It's clean and newer than where we are staying. Our task at hand, today, was to visit the Catholic school where Simon and Jillian will attend. The women mastering the school were a delight...warm, friendly and embracing. It felt good for parents and grandparents to see where they'll attend school - of which will be in Basque and Castillian. Part of the time education will be in Basque and part time in Spanish. We met their teachers, visited the auditorium, checked out the playground. It's all good. I have a ton of pictures - and after I return stateside can post them for who ever is interested.

This community - is amazing. I have a never ending enthrallment with the architecture and uniqueness with the area. Streets are brick, gray tile -- I've not seen the ordinary tar streets.

It's very expensive here and right now the US dollar is at an all time low. A cup of little coffee (which is all they serve) is close to $2. Bread is "cheap" however and there is an abundance of it at every little corner bakery and in between.

Simon is a confident pro at his skater razer. It's a delight to see him whiz in and out with the other children. Miriam wants her own now. Jillian is working hard at mastering it - IF - Simon gives her a chance. Both kids are venturing out to try to speak some Spanish to the children around them. I am assured they'll grasp the languages quickly. Their brains are spung-ier than mine.

Speaking of the language - Michael and I want to throw ourselves into Spanish after we return home. I've begun to pray now for that spungy brain.


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