Wednesday, October 03, 2007

a Nana and Ivana Morning

Every Wednesday I get the BLESSING of being with my grandchildren, Zane and Ivana. While Zane's in pre-school, Ivana and I have our own "pre-school." Candace has some sweet little Lessons for me to do from the Letter of the week group ( Right now, we're "studying" cows. Our "pre-school" ended up at Einsteins where I got to read one of her books: The Cow that Went Oinked. It's a very cute book to read - I think I had a captive audience at Einsteins...surely lots of smiles.

Ok...a few fun convos:

Ivana: Nana, Mommies go potty in Mommy's bathroom.

Nana:They do?

Ivana: Cute little head nod, yes.

Nana: Am I a mommy?

Ivana: Yes

Nana: Who's my daughter?

Ivana: Mark?

Nana: No

Ivana: Poppie?

Nana: No

Ivana: Well, then, who's your wife?

Another one:
Nana: Ivana, why are you so beautiful?

Ivana: Because I'm cute and I have a skirt on.

Another one:
After "studying" about cows today:

Ivana: Cows say moo.

Nana: Yes, they do. Where do we get milk from?

Ivana: The store.

Another one:
Out of the blue...from my little deep thinker:

Ivana: Nana, I'm going to let Mimi (her cousin) use my Dora toothbrush - isn't that nice of me?

Nana: Oh, yes, honey, it sure is.

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Valorie said...

I love love LOVE the little conversations you post!!
I have so many in my head from the girls...
what a wonderful Idea!

You should make it a book.