Sunday, November 18, 2007

Maria's Frijoles Charros (Charro Beans)

I was talking with Maria the other day and told her about the new e-book that Anita (The Nourishing Home) and I were gathering notes to write. We want to provide moms with a simple way to prepare food - really food - not from a box - but from the bulk section AND with little $$.

Maria began to tell me about the pinto beans she prepares. As she was telling me I thought her suggestion would be good for Anita and I to add to our e-book. Sounded so yum, that I asked her to send me her recipe.

Frijoles Charros (Charro Beans)
Pinto Beans
Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Onions
Fresh green chiles (or frozen - Bueno brand is very good they're from NM)

Wash beans
Cook in crock pot with water all the way to the top (I usually cook over night or throughout the day while at work). Once they're almost done, salt to taste dice the veggies and put in the beans to cook with them for the last 1/2 hour or so enjoy!!

Sometimes right before serving I'll dice up some cheese and add it to beans and sometimes I'll add either ham, cooked chorizo, bacon, or even hot dog pieces.

Frijoles con espinacas (Beans with spinach)
Cooked Pinto Beans (can use items 1-4 above)
Add fresh spinach leaves instead of veggies as an alternate option. Heat a little bit of oil (I use olive oil for all my cooking) in sauce pan saute some minced garlic (you can even add some green onions) add some beans add spinach and enjoy! Maria

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