Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MOM Help 911 - Part 7 - sleep deprivation

I love helping MOMS and here's another MOMS HELP 911 and the first one starts here.

Most of the precious moms I know are sleep deprived. Many of the older gals I hang out with also struggle with getting a good nights sleep. And, I know that it's just plain tough for a woman to function in the day to day home front responsibilities without good sleep. Sleep like time for self is often a longing unmet.

It's surely difficult for a woman to create sanctuary in her home when she hasn't slept. I acknowledge that a mom can't even begin to think about organizing her linen closet or evalute the needs in her kitchen when she hasn't had uninterrupted sleep. And what wife can think about creating sanctuary in the master bedroom when sleep sounds more like a foreign language? How can even think about what margins I need to fill if I haven't had good sleep?

Sleep is such a gift. It's God's way to restore and heal our bodies and effects from sleep deprivation can be serious. I made up a list of a few of the things that I know can cause sleep deprivation: new babies, children not sleeping, worry, anxiety, late night work, menopause, eating too much, alcohol, undealt with anger, unresolved resentment, fear, stressors not managed, continuous and unrelenting stress. I'm sure there are about fifty or so more.

Sleep deprivation can have serious effects on health and relationships - especially marriage. The body needs recovery time and relaxation time. The more adrenaline that is dumped, the more rest is needed so the body can heal itself.

It's a growing issue that demands attention, support and as much resolve as possible - especially for moms.

My dad sent me this article. It has to do with cell phones and the effects they can have on sleep. Because I wanted to write something on moms and sleep deprivation, I thought quoting this article here would fit in great.

Cell Phones Have Severe Effect on Sleep Research raises new concerns about the effects of mobile devices. Mobile phones severely disrupt sleep patterns, according to scientific research into their impact on human rest, funded by the Mobile Manufacturers Association. The research undertaken by the Electromagnetic Academy based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the United States, exposed 71 men and women, aged between 18 and 45, to mobile phone radiation as they prepared to sleep.

According to the study, monitoring under laboratory conditions showed the initial ‘light’ phases of sleep in the subjects were affected. In addition, “exposure to 884 MHz wireless signals, components of sleep, believed to be important for recovery from daily wear and tear, are adversely affected.”

The research also found that those exposed to mobile phones during their sleep appear to have more headaches, than those not exposed. The findings coincide with calls from UK company Exradia, manufacturers of the first device proven to neutralize potentially dangerous mobile phone radiation, for more government research into the health issues being raised.

David Schick, Exradia chief executive, said, “This study is yet another example of how using mobile phones can have a detrimental effect on humans. It is critical that the UK Government now undertakes a formal public inquiry into this issue.” France recently became the latest country to advise against excessive use of mobile phones, particularly by children. Other countries who’ve issued similar advice include Sweden, the UK, Israel and India. end of quote

I wonder sometimes if all our modern conveniences and hectic over scheduled calendars don't add to the issues we're trying to resolve in our life. If sleep deprivation is something you struggle with and I'm sure it is . . . consider the effects your cell phone might have.

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