Monday, December 08, 2008

MOMS Help 911 - Part 7 - Sleep Deprivation

Most of the precious moms I know are sleep deprived. For various reasons, many of the older moms I know (myself included) also struggle with getting a good nights sleep.

If I don't have a good nights sleep, it's just plain difficult for me to function with my day to day home front responsibilities let alone care for loved ones adequately.

Making Sleep a Priority

When sleep, like time for self, isn't made a priority it'll be difficult for a woman to create sanctuary in her home. A mom can't even begin to think about organizing her linen closet or evaluate the needs in her kitchen when all she's had is little or interrupted sleep. And what wife can think about creating sanctuary in the master bedroom when sleep sounds more like a foreign language.

The Gift of Sleep
Sleep is such a gift. It's God's way to restore and heal our bodies and the effects from sleep deprivation can be serious. I've made a list of a few things that I know can cause sleep deprivation: new babies, children not sleeping, worry, anxiety, late night work, menopause, eating too much, alcohol, undealt with anger, unresolved resentment, fear, stressors not managed, continuous and unrelenting stress. I'm sure there are about fifty or so more.

Sleep Deprivation: Effects on Health and Relationships
Sleep deprivation can have serious effects on health and relationships - especially marriage. The body needs recovery time and relaxation time. The more adrenaline that is dumped, the more rest is needed so the body can heal itself.

It's a growing issue that demands attention, support and as much resolve as possible - especially for moms. More later on this subject.

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AZ Mom of Many Hats said...

I agree that sleep is a precious but hard to come-by commodity. In fact today, I am feeling the results of too little sleep. It's hard to focus, hard to enjoy the day, hard to find the joy....I do know that all those can be resolved once I resolve to get a little more sleep!. Thanks for the post!
Fellow Arizonan -
AZ Mom of Many Hats

angela said...

I am very lucky to be able to take a nap almost everyday! My kids are at the point that they can entertain themselves while mom takes a power nap in the afternoons! It helps me to get through the evening! I try to get about 8 hrs every night, I am one of those people that NEED lots of sleep or I can't function! There are so many things that can malfunction in our bodies if we don't get enough sleep! I never apologize for taking my naps!!!

great post!