Tuesday, December 09, 2008

MOMS Help 911 - Part 8 - Sleep Deprivation (2)

Sleep is a gift and moms often seem to be on the short end of the gift. Stress, overloaded margins, poor eating habits, lack of physical exercise are among the culprits to cause sleepless nights.

I wonder sometimes if all our modern conveniences and hectic over scheduled calendars don't add tremendously to the issues we're trying to resolve in our life. If sleep deprivation is something you struggle with and I'm sure it is . . . consider some other reasons you might be having those sleepless nights taken from here.

Cell Phones Have Severe Effect on Sleep

Research raises new concerns about the effects of mobile devices. Mobile phones severely disrupt sleep patterns, according to scientific research into their impact on human rest, funded by the Mobile Manufacturers Association. The research undertaken by the Electromagnetic Academy based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the United States, exposed 71 men and women, aged between 18 and 45, to mobile phone radiation as they prepared to sleep.

According to the study, monitoring under laboratory conditions showed the initial ‘light’ phases of sleep in the subjects were affected. In addition, “exposure to 884 MHz wireless signals, components of sleep, believed to be important for recovery from daily wear and tear, are adversely affected.”

The research also found that those exposed to mobile phones during their sleep appear to have more headaches, than those not exposed. The findings coincide with calls from UK company Exradia, manufacturers of the first device proven to neutralize potentially dangerous mobile phone radiation, for more government research into the health issues being raised.

David Schick, Exradia chief executive, said, “This study is yet another example of how using mobile phones can have a detrimental effect on humans. It is critical that the UK Government now undertakes a formal public inquiry into this issue.”

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