Monday, June 23, 2008

i'm off to basque country tonight - resting verses vigilance

When this post is posted - I'll be on a plane - leaving Phoenix, AZ headed to London Heathrow Airport. I spend the night (Tuesday night) in London then get up really early and arrive back by 6 am at Heathrow to catch my flight to Madrid. Then from Madrid to San Sebastian - Basque Country.

Recently, I realized how much I rest in following my husband. Because I've taken the time to work through the "steps" to partner with God in seeing Michael discover his vision for our family - I've learned to rest in the following.

Resting for a wife is a good place to be in. I really don't think it was until I "rested" that I could then understand what it meant to Create Sanctuary.

Tonight, while on this flight, I can't rest and follow. I am going alone and I must be "on" taking a vigilant posture. The last time I flew to Basque Country by myself, I felt the results of being vigilant without knowing really what it was. I felt totally drained - emotionally and physically.

That's how a wife feels when she is vigilant and doesn't really need to be. Even if a man's vision isn't discovered or acted upon - a wife can still rest and follow her man. Perhaps when she does - he'll discover more of his role implenting the vision that's stuck in his soul.

Just some thoughts for you to chew on. See you in Basque Country!

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Abbi said...

I appreciate your thoughts. I so agree that it is so nice to be able to "rest" in the role of being a wife. There are so many things that I don't have to concern myself with or take care of becasue my husband does. It is so relaxing to be able to just be able to follow his leading in our family.
In a different way I am sure it is also nice for a man to have a wife to take care of the little projects (like cooking, caring for children and being a homemaker) that free up his time for doing other things. Whenever I see single parents I am reminded of how wise God was to design marriage.