Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Best of . . . San Sebastian Part 2

I've been having fun seeing what I think is the BEST of this incredibly awesome city. Part One of my journey to find the BEST is here.

Yesterday, while I was investigating San Sebastian's best, THIS place near San Martin' Plaza with amazing pintxos was packed out. The bar at Casa Fundada, touting a "traditional experience" for great pintxos had barely standing room only. The seating was full and people were standing in crowds around tables.

One of the best things about Spain is the Basque cuisine and one of the best things about Basque cuisine are its pintxos which is the Basque word meaning tapas, except they are better!

Pintxos are like finger food mostly served on a chunk of the best bread. One of the cool things is that in many "bars" you don't order a pintxos you just take what you want and then when you're ready to go they'll just ring you up accordingly. It might be strange to some people to see all these trays of pintxos sitting around as it's perhaps not the most sanitary thing, but it's the culture here and it works and Michael and I are not only enjoying it, we don't think twice about it.

Right next door to is the most amazing pastry shop. Casa Otaeguie San Sebastian's BEST!

Yes, this was my cream filled pastry that I carried around the city while snapping other photos of this wonderful city's best! And, did I share it? Yup.
Check out their web site at

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