Thursday, May 22, 2008

opening your home

Michael and I just got a letter from Richard. Last year we built a bridge from Arizona to China. We built it through our hearts to theirs (Richard and Kate's and the other pilots). We started building the bridge at our dining room table. We continue to build bridges with fun celebrations at our home and in their homes and their places of worship.

Richard added to the bridge during the meal at his table. We continued bridge building at a camping trip.

Richard and Kate are just two reasons why we open our home and welcome the Nations (India, China, Afghanistan, or from wherever) to a meal around our table.

Richard's letter made us smile. And, I'm smiling as I write this post. I'm really smiling, because Richard and Kate are some of China's best and Michael and I got to - I'm telling you - we got to have Richard and his other pilot friends share a meal in our home. We are so privileged to do this. We get to do this.
I look forward to the day when Kate shares tea with me around my table and I at her table.
It's almost been one year since Richard and the other pilots in training left to return to China.

Richard writes (unedited),

"Hi Lylah, Hi Michael,

Time goes so fast. How are you these days? I miss you so much.
Last year the August Ileft US, and then I have had about 4 onths ground school in Shanghai airline. . .

. . . The time I stay in US bring to my mind everyday, and I often tell the stories to my family and friends.

Kate ( the beautiful girl above) always ask me how are you now, and tell me to send email to you.

Do you heard the news about WenChuan Earthquake in May 12th?

It's really a huge nature-ties for China...Up to now there about 41353 people died, 274683 people injured and over 10000 people missing.

From May 12th all of the TV channels are reporting the live news of the WenChuan Earthquake.

I'm so sad, and all the Chinese people are so sad. All Chinese people passed round the hat to the victims in Sichuan.May 19th 20th 21th are the days our country condole with the dead people in WenChuan Earthquake.

In the three days all the places for entertainment closed and all the country half-mast.But I think everything will be fine soon as long as we have love in our heart.

And I also have some pictures of Kate and I for you :) your friend Richard

Are you a bridge builder? Or are you one of those who just talks about it? Will you use your hands and your heart and invite someone from one of the Nations to your home? Will you be like a little child - with no judgments - and invite someone from the Nations to your home to eat around your table?

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Laurel Wreath said...

This is a great post! Love the pictures also. One thing I love about the computer is also getting to know others in different countries, makes us feel less far apart.

Lylah said...

thanks laurel....we LOVE it.