Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Art of Bridge Building - One Heart to Another Heart

Today I spent time with my friend Sadia. We had some girl time together. She got to meet Anita, Linda and Anne. We took a brisk walk through a garden and enjoyed a quick look at beauty, then we went to Nordstroms, then had a long lunch at Sauce.

I love Sadia. I carry her in my heart. She's from Pakistan and I'm enjoying taking time as we build bridges to each others hearts.

I am a Bridge Builder. My daughter and my son-in-law are Bridge Builders. This past weekend they drove the five hours or so to Rocky Point, Mexico. Michael and I spent the time with the grandkiddos.

Candace writes: Mark and I spent the long weekend down in Rocky Point, Mexico. Located off the Pacific Ocean, it's about 60 miles south of the Mexican border. Four days full of sunshine, white sand, and homemade Mexican tortillas. I should also add.... four days full of horrid smelling outhouses, tent camping (in overnight frrrreezing 38 degree temperatures), and primitive bathing options. To sum it up, a perfect weekend!We got to be part of about 96 people from our church, ages 6 to 70ish, who drove via caravan down to Mexico to build 11 x 22 foot homes for three extremely poor Mexican families. These families were living in box-shaped plywood homes with no access to water or electricity. Our teams built the homes in three days with lots of cement mixing, sawing, hammering and stuccoing. All without the use of any power tools. The locals are . . . read the rest of this AWESOME story here.

My grandkiddos Zane and Ivana are Bridge Builders. Yesterday, the kids and I took our little lunch to their neighborhood park. Two other little munchkins were there. It was so much fun to see how there were no barriers between four little children making an immediate connection to each other and then playing wildly for about an hour.

Get the picture:
Running up to me with this little guy Zane says, "Nana, this is my best friend." He didn't even know this little guys name let alone anything about him. The point: it didn't matter that he was dirty or of another culture group or that he didn't even know him. What mattered was - is that this little guy was now his "best" friend. What matters to you?

Ivana shared her lunch with her new "friend." This little girl who she kept calling "friend."

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Org Junkie said...

Isn't that just so sweet, so important to foster these relationships at such a young age isn't it.