Saturday, May 17, 2008

my friend needs your help

Bloggy world has this way of connecting the hearts of women. Bridges are built from one heart to another, and one of the bridges that got so sweetly built this year is to the heart of Jamala. Her blog focus is to encourage the hearts of single moms (such as herself).

As God's heart often has it - Jamala is changing her role from a wife not yet married to one who is getting married. God's granted the desire of her heart by opening the eyes of a worthy man (because she's a worthy woman). Jamala has trusted God with her hearts desire to be a married wife. She's venturing into the world of seeking to understand her man - as his wife. And, what I've learned about the tenderness of Jamala, she's studied my wifely principles.

This brings me to the help that she needs. Here's her letter to me:
Good Morning Ladies,

I am humbly asking for your help in a matter that is near and dear to me. Since my single mom status is drawing to an end, I have been praying for a way to continue to maintain my blog. My FDH and my minister have both encouraged me to continue blogging after I am married. It is my desire to still reach those singlemothers desiring marriage and to chronicle my transition into my new role. The problem lies in, my blog will need a new idently.

So I have decided to launch a contest for my new blog name. I am asking for your help in this . . .

Please go here to help this lovely bride out! This contest ends on the 22nd of this month . . . so, hurry on over and build a bridge from your heart to hers!

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singlemomforgod said...

Love ya Ly!!!